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Trigger Warning – I See You. The MM Poetry Collection

Trigger Warning - I See You. -

Trigger Warning.

Cut along my collar bone

Blood splatter stains like tattoos;

Blues and blacks are underrated.

Lick me please

Add salt to an already acidic wound,

Dehydrate my wrinkled up, good-for-nothing skin

Desire elasticity-stretch me out until

I become who you want me to be.

Oh, I know that you revel in my silent screeches,

Fucking yourself to our memories.

I am beneath the ragged strings of your burgundy joggers,

Imprisoned by your devilish lust.

You will devour me,

Torment my mind, abduct my sanity

When I am floating in the clouds.

I see you sitting on my back

Whenever I look in the mirror

The devil loves to corrupt the little

Angels on my shoulders;

Tempt me –

You are my blade.

Stop seducing my flesh;

You compel the droplets inside to

Rise up above the surface

Formulate an irresistible puddle

That resembles your seed

On my body

When you murdered me.

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Trigger Warning - I See You. -

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