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Mama Please: War Through a Child’s Eyes

Mama Please: War Through a Child's Eyes -

Mama won’t get up, she’s on her back crying.

Mama? I say, but no response – I think she’s dying.

She touches my face, and I stare into her eyes

“Mama, please”, I beg as she says her goodbye.

Baba isn’t here. He’s been gone a long time.

Mama said they took him, but we never knew why.

I hear the hum outside.

Now what? I have nowhere to hide.

Flying low and close, they’re seeking the next place.

I lay next to mama and cover my face.

That sound they make – swoosh – as they go over our heads.

That sound they make – KABOOM – as they take away our beds.

Screams and yells come after.

Taking the place of our missing laughter.

No one’s helping; I don’t know what to do.

I stay next to Mama and start screaming too.

Ya Allah, help us please.

We’re stuck between the border and the sea.

I hear them again, I have nowhere to go.

The planes hum as they fly really low.

Ya Allah, I’m only ten, I never got a chance to live.

How much more blood do we have to give?

We have nothing; I don’t know why they attack.

Ya Allah, we are dying, why is the world not fighting back?

We didn’t do anything to make them mad.

But everyone thinks it’s us who are bad.

Ya Allah, I know they want us to leave.

Bas Falasteen baladna

wu rayha tetharar wu ilna bi seer.

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Mama Please: War Through a Child's Eyes -

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