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Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam

Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -

Hello gorgeous beauties!

Many of you are always on-the-go. Between work, kids, and everything life throws your way, your last worry should be your makeup! As I previously mentioned in my 15 minute makeup routine, most of us who wear makeup want that fine-finished makeup look without the consumption of time. And I’m all about time-saving with minimal sacrifice when it comes to beauty.

I think many of you can relate to those multi-tasking days where we find ourselves stretching out our schedule from morning to daytime to evening affairs. We’ve all had that day we needed to cover a baby shower afternoon shift and head straight to a wedding or business dinner afterward. We end up arriving early and sneaking into the nearest powder room to change our wardrobes and tackle the frightening task of touching up our makeup. The touch-up can quickly turn into an amazing and easy transition from your daytime makeup to evening with minimal hassle – I promise.

First things first, if you haven’t already done so, check out my previous post. In it, I share many tips for favorite makeup products and my most simple approach in achieving a glowing flawless makeup look. I promise once you try it, you’ll find yourself out the door, looking absolutely fabulous in 20 minutes or less! The next steps closer to glamorous evening makeup is choosing key products that will get you there.

The main focus of evening make up is the eyes. They complete the look of evening or special occasion makeup. You can easily get yourself from daytime fab to evening glam in three additional steps to the daytime makeup routine: eye shadow, liner, and falsies.


Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -


Every girl who wears makeup should have at least one or two eye shadow palettes. Theses palettes should also have a combination of shimmers and mattes. Investing in high quality eye shadow palettes have many benefits in the long run.

  • Long shelf life: you will be able to use them for an extended period of at least several years
  • Cost efficiency: compared to buying every color separately
  • Easy to take along and also allow you to easily coordinate and choose colors when they are all lined up in one palette

Some companies such as MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills allow you to customize your own shadow palette by purchasing a palette tray and buying your favorite shadow colors from their selection. I like this option as it allows you to spend your money on colors you’re most comfortable using and placing them all in one tray. I recommend this for makeup beginners who aren’t ready to break out of their shell yet and want to own their guaranteed safe colors that best match their taste and style.

In my makeup own vanity, I have several amazing palettes that can be useful for both daytime and evening application. I absolutely love Tarte products. I always aim to choose palettes that have a mix of shimmers, mattes, and a few dark browns, plums, and black tones of both the shimmers and mattes. Having these options will help build up your look and allow flexibility and creativity in the finished product. I have several palettes that I cannot go without that are highly pigmented and have smooth and wonderful textures that last all night. I recommend you check them out the next time you visit your nearest beauty spot and test them out for yourselves. They include: Tarte tartelette palette, Tarte tartlette in bloom, MASTER PALETTE by MARIO from the Anastasia Beverly Hills collection, TAMANNA DRESSYOURFACE PALETTE also by Anastasia Beverly Hills collections, and finally the BH COSMETICS CARLI BYBEL PALETTE. I promise you investing in at least one of these will enhance your makeup experience and take it to another level.

Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -

When applying eye shadow, it’s important to choose darker shades for your crease and match that with lighter shades for the upper lids. The most important key to eye shadow application is to blend blend blend! Investing in a few good eye shadow brushes makes all the difference in the world. Make sure you use the proper applicator for eye shadow. If you had to choose only one, go for a blending brush. This type of brush will help do exactly whats named for: blending. It helps in eliminating harsh lines between the crease and the lid and gives you a flawless, evened out finish of your eye shadow.

I used to be a huge fan of MAC brushes. They are incredible quality, last few years if you take good care of them, and have unbelievable blending power, but they are outrageously expensive. So, I took initiative to try out cheaper brands in search of  good quality brushes that last because I just knew MAC couldn’t possibly be my only option. And I was right. I discovered and tried MORPHE brand two years ago and I was instantly in love. They come at a fraction of the price of MAC and I swear the quality of the brushes and the blending results are fantastic. This company is based out of California and they ship everywhere. I highly recommend that you ladies give them a try. When you shop for shadow brushes in general, regardless of brand, look for a flat small stacking brush for the eye shadow base, a fluffy small-sized brush for applying and blending the crease, and another slightly bigger or medium sized fluffy brush for blending out the crease with the upper lid from the brow bone up. You can also easily make your eyes pop by adding a shimmer shade into the corner of the eye. You can use any thin and pointed brush or even a q tip to apply.

Tip: I personally love using my cheek highlighter for the corner of the eye. It makes such a huge difference for the opening of the eye and adds a sparkle to the eyes.

“Don’t shy away from trying out different styles to see what best fits your face and eye shape.”


Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -


Second step to evening glam is liner. If you shy away from eyeliner in the daytime, you definitely need to step up your game and get that smoldering eye look for evening occasions. Eyeliner makes all the difference – like night and day, literally. It adds definition, sharpness, sexiness, and sultry to the eyes and is guaranteed to command everyone’s attention when you walk into any room.

Don’t shy away from trying out different styles to see what best fits your face and eye shape. Practice makes perfect. Look up YouTube videos and practice along your favorite makeup blogger until you get it right! Liners can come in jars, liquids, and pencils. Invest in a few and see what best fits your style and comfort. Some of my favorites are Lancome Art Liner, L’Oreal Liner Intense Liquid Liner, MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner Pencil, MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner. These are many of the ones I’ve tried and used repeatedly and was pleased with the end results. In addition to liner on your lid, don’t be afraid to line the inside of the waterline of the eyes as well to add depth to your eyes.


Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -


Last on my list for evening glam is false lashes. Falsies are like the cherry on the top of your favorite sundae when it comes to the final touch of an evening glam look. They instantly boost your glam status. They are the slay factor, the show stopper, and the perfect touch that complete the final look of your eyes.

Fake lashes are sold in all beauty supply stores and range in price anywhere from $4 and up. I have tried my fair share of falsies and found that, at the end of the day, they are all pretty much the same. But if you ladies want to explore high-end brands, I suggest you try HUDABEAUTY Lashes by Huda Kattan and LillyLASHES by Lilly Ghalichi. Their prices range from around $20 and up. I have to admit, the quality is great and they last for many uses as they maintain their original quality and shape. But I personally prefer the lower end brands such as the EYLURE lashes. They are very affordable ranging from $5-12. They have wide selection of lengths, volumes, and curves of lashes and they give me the sexy final look I am looking for. Another option for falsies are the individual sets. They are a fun, cheap, and simple way to add a little wink to your eyes. They tend to be the least difficult to experiment with, especially for beginners. If falsies aren’t your thing, you can always invest in good mascara and layer a few times! It may not give you the ultimate dramatic finish of falsies, but it sure will make your eyes pop! The secret is to curl the applicator as you apply, wait for each mascara layer to dry, and repeat as needed. This will create a few layers giving you lengthy and voluminous lashes.

There you have it, ladies! Three simple steps to upgrade you from daytime to evening makeup. I hope these tips help simplify the process of makeup application as I know it gets costly and stressful for some when applying their own makeup. Nobody knows your features better than yourself, so try new things and explore new techniques to discover what best suits your style and taste. This will save you time and spare your wallet compared to having professionals do it for you.

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Three Steps to Take Your Makeup From Daytime Fab to Evening Glam -

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