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5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 Take care of yourself. You owe it to yourself.

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

Everyone always pulls the “new year, new me” line when another year rolls around but how many of us actually follow through with that? Gym and appearance goals are usually the common theme the first few months, maybe people throw in some career goals or things diet related but does anyone ever consider things to STOP doing in the new year?

If you’re thinking about what your goals should be or if you know there are things you might need to work on (or totally stop doing) – here are some self-care related resolutions for you to really get the most out of this “fresh start”. So what if it’s already February? Continue through 2018 by leaving these 5 (brutally honest) things behind…

1. Stop Being Ignorant.

Ignorance isn’t bliss. And though this is usually used in reference to being ignorant towards others or to the world – right now, I’m talking about to the person in the mirror. Don’t let ignorance be the reason your body fails you.

Start taking care of yourself and giving yourself the attention you deserve. Get enough sleep, stay hydrated, eat clean, get those muscles moving, meditate, self reflect. Our bodies scream for help in so many different ways. Hungry? Your body needs food. Tired? Your body needs sleep. Breaking out? Your body needs better nutrition. 

Difficult times cause mental strain, and not taking care of your body makes everything ten times worse. Watching your health makes tough times a little easier for you to handle. Even on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be able to think clearer, be stronger, relieve stress better, work harder and understand yourself better. The better you take care of your body, the better your body will take care of you.

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

2. Stop Lying to Yourself.

Lying to others is bad enough, but lying to yourself is a whole new ballgame of horrible plays. Convincing yourself into believing something that isn’t true is just a form of self-destruction. While it you may take comfort in believing something that you know is false (i.e. like a cheating partner who you refuse to believe is cheating, or like your health is in good condition even though you don’t take care of your body, or that you’re going to do great on that exam even though you haven’t done a lick of studying), it’s terrible for your overall state of mind. And you may begin to start conflating reality with the imaginary world that you’ve made up in your head.

Stay true to yourself and be realistic about life. Take a few minutes to actually think about what it is that you’re convincing yourself of, and slowly try to figure out how you’re going to deal with it. Acceptance is the first step. It may hard in the beginning but it will be worth it in the long run.  

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

3. Stop Undervaluing Yourself.

In a society where the rich, the good looking, the famous and the successful are valued, it is so easy to lose the self worth that we have for ourselves. Despite your failures, or others successes, you are worth it. You are capable of anything life throws at you, and the only person stopping yourself from reaching success (in whatever way you want it), is you.

You deserve to be accomplished regardless of how many times you think you may have failed. And for the record, you’ve only failed if you didn’t learn anything from the experience. You can only reach true joy and success when you become content with yourself. Remember: You are worthy.

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

4. Stop Wasting Your Money.

This one is something so many of us struggle with. The money you have is hard earned and deserves to be responsibly spent. It is so easy to be absorbed in this materialistic world where all it takes to purchase something is just a swipe or a click away. The poor spending habits you have now, will drag on into the future without you even realizing that it’s affecting you in the long run. Enough with the instant gratification and more of the self-control and responsibility. Learn to separate your needs from your desires and always, always, always, have money saved for emergencies. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself or others once in awhile. If you work for it, you deserve to spend it but there is no need to constantly purchase unnecessary things or finding yourself going on shopping sprees all the time. 

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

5. Stop Clinging onto Past Mistakes.

Reminiscing over past mistakes can be an easy habit anyone can fall into and an even harder one to come out of. It is toxic to your body, mind and spirituality. Don’t let these mistakes hold you back. Accept that they’re in the past and leave them there. Move on, and prosper in life. Everyone makes mistakes, big or small – you’re not the only one. The only way to get over them is to confront, accept, learn and move on. Your mistakes don’t define you – they build you up to be the person you are.

5 Things to Stop Doing in 2018 -

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