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I Tattooed My Face and I Love It Back off, haram police.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

If you clicked on this article, and you’re excited to see a chick with a Tyson face tattoo – sorry to disappoint. I had to get your attention somehow, because I have something awesome to tell you. While I don’t have swirls on my left (or right?) face profile – I really did actually get a face tattoo. And here’s why I suggest you get one, too.

The world of cosmetics has vastly changed and is still changing in some crazy way every day. Between extreme contouring changing the shape of your entire face to a simple little winged eyeliner to make your eyes look more “exotic” and almond shaped – the possibilities with makeup are endless. When you think of getting a “cosmetic tattoo” we always seem frightened by thoughts of the old-timey ladies with gray hair, black lined eyebrows and dark purple tattooed lip liner. This isn’t at all what I’m suggesting you do. I so believe they created tattoo laser removal for cases like those.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

What I’m suggesting, is something called “microblading.” The very NATURAL looking form of tattooing hair on your face/body. I say face/body because I got my eyebrows microbladed, but it’s also used to add hair to hairlines for those who are experiencing hair loss.

I, unfortunately, was not blessed with the beautiful thick black brows that my parents AND both of my brothers were born with. Between my naturally lighter body hair and the scarcity of hair on each brow bone – I’ve never really been fond of my eyebrows. I know – it’s a first world problem – and I admit I have it. So, as someone who has been literally drawing on her eyebrows for the past 6 years, I swear I’ve used every product out there on the market. From colored eyebrow gels, to thin pencils, to powder shadows, to thick pastes, I attempted to give myself “on fleek” brows for my entire young adult life the moment I found out it was “a thing”. I got away with it, too. When my fiance and I started dating, the first thing his life long girl friends commented on was how awesome my eyebrows were (among other things) compared to his ex-girlfriend. Something I took great pride in 😉. Little did everyone know, that at the end of the day when I’d wash off my face makeup, my eyebrows would be disappearing with it.

Eyebrows make or break a face. No matter where I was going, I never left the house without drawing on my brows. My brows were the mascara of my necessities (I asked a few women what the one thing they couldn’t go outside without putting on and a majority of them said mascara so it seemed to be the analogy most of you would be able to resonate with) before entering the world every day. Be it a work day, a pool day, a beach day, a gym day, any day – my eyebrows were there. The shitty part was that on those day, my eyebrows would be gone by the end of them. Either my skin ate up all my makeup by the end of the day, the water from the pool or ocean wiped them off, I sweat too much and had to wipe my face or it was just raining outside – my beautiful artistically created eyebrows melted off my face somehow. Aside from the 10-15 minutes every morning that it took me to evenly draw them on – eyebrow makeup is effing expensive. I’d be paying $27 for a needle thin eyebrow pencil or $36 for tinted eyebrow gel (which is essentially mascara for your brows) or $18 for a pocket sized shadow brow kit, and sometimes I’d buy all three at once. Because I used these products every. damn. day. they were the first to run out in my makeup bag – so I’d have to replenish every 2-3 months.

One day I had finally had enough of my non-perfect brows. The thought of coming out of the water on a beach in Greece on our honeymoon in September made me look into ways on how to permanently give myself perfect brows. So I started some research and discovered the wonders of microblading. Google searches led me to Instagram accounts where I’d fall down the rabbit hole for a few hours and become entranced in microblading videos from salons all over the world. They’d typically begin with someone sitting in what resembles a dentist’s surgical chair with thick paint like substance smeared all over their brows. at the end of the minute video, the brow artist would wipe away the paint to reveal PERFECTLY drawn eyebrows, created by tattooing thin strands of hair with the tiniest of needles. That was it. I was sold. I decided I was getting microbladed.

Like anything major that you’re planning on doing, and tattooing your face is a major decision, I suggest doing a few months of research so that you find the best possible option. I did about 6 months of research on my own of microblading salons in NYC and all around NJ, which also included me asking my Facebook friends if anyone had ever tried microblading before. Personal reviews are the best for things like this. I looked on every possible website and compared reviews everywhere. Google, Facebook, Yelp, beauty blogs, I read every Instagram comment, you name it. All of this led me to EverTrue Salon in NYC – which had ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on every website. So I booked a consultation appointment and went for it.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

So, there are varying levels of experts at EverTrue – I went with Michelle – she’s the own and brow master. Again, because I was tattooing my face, I wanted to make sure I had the best possible person doing it for me. Michelle was/is that person. During my consultation we talked about the desired shape of my brows that I was hoping for, the color, and position. Michelle took a small tool and drew in fine hairs on the parts where my natural brows were missing. I should also mention – this is all done by hand. No weird or fancy rulers and lines. When I asked if she was going to use them, Michelle actually laughed at me in a, “No honey. Natural brows don’t go on with rulers,” type of way.  To give you an idea of what my brows looked like before any fill ins on my own see below…

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

Right brow is obviously not filled in. Left brow filled in with pencil.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

Now see below for photos from my consultation (eyebrow hairs drawn on by Michelle)…

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

After I decided that I liked what she had done during my consultation (which is free by the way), I booked an appointment with Michelle on her next available date – which was 2 months from my consultation date. I waited long to get it done partially because you cannot get them wet for a week or be in extreme sun and I had two beach vacations planned, and also partially because Michelle’s schedule is ridiculously booked (also a good sign)! So in February, I had my first microblading appointment. I say first because your initial payment is for two sessions – your first microblading session where they determine the shape of your new brows and tattoo them on and wait to see how well ink takes to your skin, and your second session which is a touch up. These sessions are 6 weeks apart. Everyone knows patience is not my thing but after waiting 10+ years for perfect brows, 6 weeks is nothing.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

                          Brow needle

Before your session begins, be sure that your brow artist shows you the needle tool they’ll be usingand make sure it comes out of a sterile packaging. Last thing you need is to contract some crazy disease because the salon you went to used a dirty needle all because you were too lazy to draw your eyebrows on everyday. Do not skimp out on this type of thing. Go to a good, clean, organized place. No basements in someone’s house please. The process is quite simple. They dip the needle in ink and then break through skin to draw on fine hairs. Because I did this knowing I would be writing about it, I took some snazzy videos for y’all. Also – important to note, do not get your eyebrows threaded or waxed before this appointment. They do that for you, so that they make sure to find the true shape of your brows. See videos below for what it was like having tiny needles cut through your skin on your face…

I was absolutely in love with my eyebrows the second I got off the chair. See below for my first “on fleek” (I’m going to stop using this nonsensical term now) selfie.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -


This is the most important part of the entire microblading process. After care for your brows will determine how well the ink seeps into your skin, and how long the tattoo lasts before it begins to fade. EverTrue thankfully provides you with after care products at no extra cost. Granted you paid a shit-ton to get this done but I digress. The first is a serum that I applied at least twice a day with a Q-tip. In the morning as soon as I woke up – and then again at night right before bed. It is super greasy so do your best not to get it on unnecessary areas.

The second product is some jelly/paste – basically a Vick’s infused Vaseline – that goes over your eyebrows before you shower. You cannot get your eyebrows wet for 7 days. This was by far the most difficult part. After applying the jelly you have to cover your eyebrows is plastic wrap. I did not enjoy this but it is what it is. Do your absolute best not to let water stream down your face. When it comes to taking your makeup off or dealing with your nightly bedtime routine – I highly suggest using makeup wipes to scrub the day’s junk off your face as washing it normally with soap and water is a bit risky. Be sure to really make sure all of your makeup and dirt is removed from your pores so that you don’t also break out.

I should warn you – the first 3 days your eyebrows will get darker. This is the ink setting into your skin. On the 4th day, you will notice that your eyebrows are getting a bit itchy and it looks like they’re starting to peel. Leave them alone. Do not pick your brows. I repeat, leave them alone. Just keep applying the oily serum. Like any tattoo, after whatever was flaking is finally gone, you’ll notice the ink stains on your skin. It may be a bit faded (it definitely will be compared to when you first got it done), or there may be a few “holes” in the tattoo after they scab off – that’s OK. This is what your touch up session is for. During my 6 week follow up appointment, Michelle went over the tattooed areas on my brows, and added just a bit more because I asked for them to be a bit darker. They were a little grey after my first session fully healed, which is why I opted to go a little darker/thicker the second time around. See below for after touch up!

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

I’ve said before and I will say it again – if you fill in your eyebrows you should absolutely do this. I read countless blog posts about how people were always saying, “I wish I did this sooner,” and I thought they were just bullshitting. I wish I did this sooner. And I’m happy I did this before my wedding because I was contemplating doing it after.

It is a wonderful feeling, to be able to get out of the shower and have perfect eyebrows. It is also nice to not have to worry about your eyebrows melting off on a rainy or super hot day. I have touched my eyebrow pencil 3 times in the last 2 months, only because when I wear heavy eye makeup I like even bolder brows. Other than that, I use “Boy Brow” by Glossier just to tame my actual brow hair and keep them in place. That’s it. I rarely encourage others to do the crazy things that I do – but if you’re a brow freak like me, and you’re adventurous and think it’s cool to tell people that you have a face tattoo and watch them scan your face to find it – do it.

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

The amazing Michelle Wu, and my beautiful new brows.


Did they shave off your brows?

No. Unlike getting an actual eyebrow tattoo at a tattoo parlor – this does not require you to shave off your eyebrows as they need your true brow shape in order to create a better one.

Does your hair still grow and do you have to thread/wax/pluck still?

Yes. I’m always confused when I get this question and it makes me wonder if I said microblading or laser hair removal when trying to explain the process to someone. I still have all my eyebrow hair and I still have to thread – they just now have a nice “stencil” to follow.

Did it hurt?

No. They apply numbing cream to your brows before microblading. The cream sits for about 20-30 minutes to make sure it has seeped through your skin. Once you confirm that you’re numb, the blading begins. You can actually “hear it” while it’s being done – it sounds like little scratching on your forehead. Weird but also really cool.

How long did it take?

The consultation took about 10 minutes. My first session took about 45 minutes to an hour. My touch up session took 30 minutes.

Did you bleed?

A little bit! They wipe away the ink repeatedly though and I’m assuming whatever little bit of blood is there comes off with it. No bleeding afterwards though.

How much did it cost?

Michelle’s base price is $715 USD. The other specialists in her salon start out at $515 USD. Again, I did about 6 months of research, and Michelle was the best in reviews on technique AND pricing. I found some more “famous” brow artists in the city who cost about $1,200 a session but their reviews weren’t up to par with what they were charging. Feel free to go elsewhere but if you choose not to use Michelle just know you’re making a mistake ? (no I’m not getting paid for this – and I’m not getting discounts – I just really appreciate great work). Touch up sessions after your initial two visits within 6 months start at $215 USD. After 12 months they start at $415 USD.

How many times to do you have to go back/how long does it last?

The expected time before normal tattoo fading begins (fades faster because of how thin the actual tattoos are) is about 1.5 years. Some people experience fading sooner (like 6-8 months), others experience fading more slowly (like 2 years). It all depends on how well your skin connects and hold ink. You can either continue getting touch up sessions until they find a permanent solution for bad eyebrows OR just let them fade out.

Is tattooing eyebrows to your face haram?

I have no idea nor do I care. If you wanna go tattoo your face, you do you, ladies.


One last selfie with the new brows before I go… ?

I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

To see more of Michelle’s work – follow her Instagram at @michelle_x_wu
To see the work of other stylists at EverTrue – follow the salon Instagram at @EverTrueSalon


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I Tattooed My Face and I Love It -

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