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Take Your Time The MM Poetry Collection

Take Your Time -

It took time.
I took time.
To understand myself
So I can learn to stand
By myself when I need to

It took time
To accept
What I was hypnotized to reject
Because of the many side effects
I believed it had on my heart
From the very start
I knew that change for me
Meant struggle
Change for me meant I had to stumble
And learn to be patient in times of hardship
While being humble

It took time
And when I faced my trials
I swear to you I cried
Mainly because
I was the one truly hurting me

It took time
To admit that the reason why I’m not okay
Had less to do with what people did or said
But more to do with how I lived my life everyday

My expectations of others can reach the sky at times
Holding on to people, memories
Thinking I’ll be treated equal
But it would always be the same amount of disappointment
I would just call the sequel

It took time
I took the time
To really understand myself through my eyes
And not by what others understand or realize
Because my mistakes are mine to make
My experiences are building me up to become
A woman that isn’t easily shaken
I refuse to let anything
Or anyone think they can break me
But most importantly I refuse to break me
It took time
I took time to realize
That every year,
month, week,
Day, hour,
Every second
Was worth living
And was worth giving a second chance

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Take Your Time -

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