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Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist Putting together the ultimate pumpkin farm look

Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist -

Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist -If you’re totally obsessed with fall, then you already know what was on my bucket list this fall: PUMPKIN PATCHES! They give me such Halloween and fall vibes. And everything pumpkin spice isn’t too shabby either. In the middle of October in Chicago, we were blessed with beautiful weather. So, to take advantage, I went to my local pumpkin farm and indulged in all the fall treats, rides, and outdoor attractions. I love things like the corn maze and tractor rides. It was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, and still, after many years, I have so much fun at these pumpkin patches.

For my venture to the world of everything pumpkins and fall, I wanted to dress the part. I was at a pumpkin farm, after all. I wanted the whole farm girl look, but I in a more cool toned approach than the traditional fall colors like burgundy, yellow, or burnt orange. As soon as I saw that overalls are making a comeback, I had to get my hands on them! The search for the right pair took a while because some were too short or uncomfortably tight and would make me feel restrained. That was something I noticed in almost all of the overalls I tried on. But then I finally found some from Forever 21 that didn’t have any of those problems. The overalls are light wash denim overalls that I am obsessed with. I was ecstatic that I finally found the perfect pair that fit me just right! They had pockets, which is always a plus, and had light rips around the waist and ankles, which gave it the ultimate “farm girl” look. What I loved about them is that they had buttons on the sides of the waist, so you can make them bigger or smaller depending on your preference when it comes to fit.

Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist -

I paired it with a white waffle print long sleeve shirt underneath which is also from Forever 21 and an off-white premium cotton hijab from Niswa Fashion that I am always wearing because the fabric is so comfortable and light. It feels like a pillow wrapped around my head. I was going for a cool toned outfit, so I added a blue flannel that had some cream and light gray colors in it which I scored from a thrift store and I tied it around my waist to give a pop of color and add some pattern to the entire look. Here is a similar flannel to the one I was wearing and here is another that is a bit cheaper.

For my shoes, I wore my brown colored booties that I bought from Charlotte Russe. I love these shoes because not only are they so comfortable, they were extremely affordable. I’ve had them for three years and they’re still in great condition. They give me height and support my ankle, which helped with the all bumpy and muddy grass I walked through that day. The shoes I was wearing are not available anymore but I found a couple copycats here and a cheaper option here.

Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist -It was a wonderful fall season and will be missed dearly. This is my last hoorah post for this fall. See you next year!

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Styling the Overalls Comeback with a Fall Twist -

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