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From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun Final exam lows and city highs

From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun -

From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun -The semester came to an end, but not before throwing finals week at me. Sporting under eye circles and sweat pants with over-sized sweaters for those last few weeks made it that much more necessary to kick off my first day of summer with an evening in the city. My friends and I put on our finest clothes, false lashes, and cute heels to hit the town, Chi-town, to be specific. We chose to dine at a restaurant called Earl’s Kitchen and Bar, which serves Zabiha-Halal meat (a method that specifies humane animal treatment and slaughter to comply with certain Islamic beliefs). It was convenient and considerate dining since a lot of my friends only consume halal products.

From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun -The atmosphere at Earl’s was hip and fun. The staff were hands-on and helpful in answering any questions we had regarding the menu and any accommodations we needed. My friends and I all ordered mocktails. They were fruity and refreshing. For the entree, I had a Cajun chicken burger with garlic fries on the side. My friends ordered burgers, steaks, and sushi, which were all exquisite. The meat and chicken were seasoned and cooked to perfection, not to mention, you could taste how fresh they were. For dessert, we opted for the chocolate cake which comes drenched in both chocolate and dulce de leche sauces and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. It was fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

I kept my look tasteful and classic, wearing my all time favorite jeans — my wide legged distressed jeans. I’ve worn these jeans many times and styled it differently each time. They’re comfortable, easy to style, and always help my my outfits make a statement. They’re also the perfect shade of blue, which makes them classic and timeless. Blue jeans are my all time favorite jeans to style because they go with just about anything!From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun -

For my top, I chose a simple white, long sleeve button up shirt that I buttoned up but then tied it in a knot towards the bottom. Over that, I layered a black leather jacket, giving it an edgy touch. I try to tone down girly girl looks by incorporating something edgy in all of my outfits. I topped it off with a blush-colored hijab. Because the scarf I chose is made of jersey material, it can get heavy, so I didn’t wrap it over and around my head. Instead, I took the loose end of the scarf and wrapped it around my neck, letting the excess fabric hang. I don’t typically try different hijab styles, so this was a step out of my comfort zone. My usual choice is a comfortable cotton hijab that I stick a pin in, but this style was very effortless. Last, but not least, I wore taupe, chunky heels that tied around my foot. The chunky heel provided ankle support, making it a comfortable choice for a night in heels. My feet didn’t hurt at all. I really think incorporating both the taupe heels and the blush hijab complimented the outfit extremely well, since I love neutral colors for the summer.

To create your own look similar to mine, here’s where you can find it all:

Distressed Flair Jeans: Forever 21

Boxy High-Low Shirt: Forever 21

Varsity Striped Moto Jacket: Forever 21 (Not my exact one, but similar)

All You Have To Do Peep Toe Booties: Akira (Same shoes, but the taupe is sold out)

Pretty In Pink Jersey Hijab: VELA

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From Sweats to City Chic: Summer Has Officially Begun -

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