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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Mirror Mirror on the Wall Please tell everyone to stop their brawl

Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Mirror Mirror on the Wall -

This week, I intended on writing about “God’s love.” Since I have been feeling the spiritual ecstasy of Ramadan, and like many, I’ve been overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and I wanted to delve into the realm of God’s love. This is the beautiful essence of Ramadan that often get’s overlooked by our nafs. We become so spiritually renewed and in Divine alignment, that it permeates down to our DNA.

But, I woke up to 62 texts messages from friends who are battling a serious case of “IDFWU.” Because of issues ranging from family estrangement to conflicts among social circles – all of which the root cause of their problems stem from their disconnect to their inner Divine Source.

Unfortunately, since I’m empathetic, I find it hard to disconnect from what my friends go through. Whether or not it directly involves me, I find myself sucked into their lives. On a bad day, I am so drained by a certain individual’s energy; that I am bedridden with a migraine. Not a cute look. My spiritual coach, Lilia Birem, calls these types of people, “energy vampires.”

But, thank God for Epson salt baths and dhikr to cleanse me! Or else, I’d be confined to my bed.

Here’s the universal message I want to get out this week, CHILL OUT. At the end of the day, no one is going to take away your birthday. Let’s look at the bigger picture in life and focus on what really matters. It doesn’t matter who threw shade at you, as long as you know not to be overshadowed by it.

Everything has a purpose. Everything was created with a purpose. The objective on earth is not about attaining status, acquiring “friends”, climbing the social ladder or achieving success. These are secondary, low level victories. Life is about love. God’s love. Obtaining His love and serving Him, through your love to Him and others. Yes, you can succeed in these superficial areas of life but if you fail to learn how to love God and others, you missed the entire reason of why God created you.

Like attracts like. We attract individuals and circumstances into our lives because we have the same qualities they have within themselves.

The objective on earth is not about attaining status, acquiring “friends”, climbing the social ladder or achieving success.

Do you feel someone is being malicious to you? Subsequently, it evokes feelings of anger, retaliation and vengeance because you already harbor these emotions, deep down. Flip this negativity into a positive. REFLECT! Self-refection is needed in order to make sense of our inner world and emotional landscape. React from your heart so you reflect your inner self (a.k.a your higher self) and act as a mirror to them… as a teaching tool. Show them their own anger and how it looks. Doesn’t look good, does it?

The goal is to see beauty, divinity, and sweetness and light within another’s soul. So you will then in turn, see the goodness that resides within your own.

Since we are all mirrors for each other, it is imperative for your soul’s growth to look at the people in your life in order to self reflect. Without a doubt, who you are and what you need to heal, is exposed in your interactions with others. It is easy to see the traits you do not like in others because it’s effortless to be a little judgy, sometimes. However, it is much more strenuous to acknowledge that you retain these traits. The [negative] attitudes and behaviors of others are closely linked to our unresolved issues that are lodged deep in our subconscious.

Scanning yourself, through the same lens you see others through, is both a humbling and soul shifting experience. If you find yourself wanting to exhibit more positive traits, take the scan as an opportune time to cultivate the positivity. Trust me, when you are a kind, loving and compassionate soul to others, you will attract that back. Therefore, for the love of God and for my sanity, nurture mercy and grace to allow the goodness to mirror back to you.

In love and light <3

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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Mirror Mirror on the Wall -

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