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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Die Before You Die

Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Die Before You Die -

We all come from the same source, but we express different streams of light. Your ruh (soul) is just that: light. A light that came from the One Source, God. This Source emits magnetic rays and disperses it into creation. Since we know everything is energy, we understand that creation is a form of energy. Therefore, this glimmer is palpable into a human, an animal, or an element (fire, wind, earth, air, etc.). Surely, the determination of how this ray is formatted is up to the Source.

You know the saying, “When God is happy with you, you can see His light on the person?” That is because the more we tune ourselves into His frequency, we are allowing our soul, which is His ray of light, to shine. Your quality in this life is a direct result of the element in which your soul was born into.

My Sufi master continually tells me, “Die before you die.” He is encouraging, and often times, celebrating my obstacles because it’s my chance at a rebirth. Each rebirth gives the soul the elevation it needs to match a higher level in God’s vibration. Everyone is tested and it is our choice as to whether or not we accept the spiritual changes our soul needs in order to survive this life. This is the point of a mystical path — to become so detached from this physical world that when our time is expired on this plane, we will depart into the next life effortlessly and peacefully.

We are born into a cycle and our death is also a cycle. There are two stages of death. First, clinical death, which lasts anywhere between four to six minutes. This starts the moment you stop breathing and the heart stops pumping blood. Even though you are clinically considered dead, your organs remain alive and there is enough oxygen in the brain that permanent brain damage is not a threat. Yet.

Once the second stage of death is initiated — also known as biological death — the process of organ failure starts and your cells begin to degenerate. Subsequently, twelve hours after this stage, your skin begins to lose color as your blood pools and you begin decomposition.

Spiritually, once your soul is taken, your physical body is catching up to the detachment. Your soul (ruh) is different from your spirit (nafs). Therefore, when you die, the Angels preserve your soul until the Day of Judgment and your spirit is elevated to the next realm.

Often, as a psychic medium, one of the first questions I am asked is if the person who has passed is suffering. Nobody I have channeled on the other side has ever told me they are in agony. Every spirit I have talked with expressed their contentment. Regarding those who have taken their own life or if their life was taken from them (i.e. murder), their souls have ultimately found peace after they were crossed over by a trained medium.

Upon our birth, we are given a set of angels and guides ordained by God. These guides, often referred to as Spirit Guides, walk with us throughout our lives. Some, we inherited from the spirit world, and others, we pick up throughout the duration of our time on earth. Our angels are assigned to us and do not leave our sides even when we die. When your journey to the afterlife begins, the Angel of Death (Angel Azrael) comes to remove your soul from your body. Your soul resides in the center of your breastbone, also known as your heart space. Thus, when Angel Azrael extracts your soul, he does so by pulling it out through your throat.

“When the time comes and it (your soul) reaches your throat.” – Quran 56:83

You can tell how the soul of the deceased was taken by the residual look on his/her face. Does the person look at peace? Then you know he/she was taken with ease. Or does the person look like he/she is suffering? If so, unfortunately, that means the journey to the afterlife was not pleasant.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: 

“When the believer is about to depart from this world and go forward into the Next World, angels with faces as bright as the sun descend from the heavens and sit around him in throngs stretching as far as the eye can see. Then, the Angel of Death comes, sits at his head, and says, ‘Good soul, come out to forgiveness and pleasure from God.’ Then, his soul emerges like a drop of water flows from a water-skin and the angel takes hold of it. When he has grasped it, the other angels do not leave it in his hand even for the twinkling of an eye. They take it, place it in a perfumed shroud, and fragrance issues from it like the sweetest scent of musk found on the face of the earth.” 

The angels you were walking with throughout your life are still providing you protection even after you have left the physical world. In fact, your angels continue to pray for you as they are guiding you through the ranks of the hereafter. As you are being prayed over at your funeral in the physical world, your angels are praying over you, in ascending order, in the spirit world. Look at the mercy from our Beloved!

I don’t want to veer off-topic and talk about angels; I’ll get to that on another post.

I do, however, want to note to the readers who have suffered the loss of a loved one, to please know they are waiting for you on the other side. They will greet you as your soul ascends to the other realm. For those who have lost a baby before its fixed term and/or before the child reached the age of puberty, you will be reunited at the gates of heaven.

The spirits I channel, like any other psychic medium, I like to call “the liberated souls.” These are the spirits who left this world in a state of bliss and are in the next dimension — at peace. There are 14 planes of the Universe; 7 are positive and 7 are negative. The 7 negative levels are often referred to as hell, while the 7 positives are known as heaven. Depending on your spiritual evolution in this life, only God can decide which plane you can ascend to upon your journey to the hereafter.

…The Angels preserve your soul until the Day of Judgment and your spirit is elevated to the next realm.

Prophet Muhammad’s account of his experience passing through the 7 levels of heaven has been detailed in the Holy Scripture (17:92-95). Each level of heaven has an appointed Prophet. In the first level, Adam; in the second, John the Baptist and Jesus; in the third, Joseph; in the fourth, Enoch; in the fifth, Aaron; in the sixth, Moses; and lastly, Abraham occupies the seventh heaven (who welcomed Prophet Muhammad as “good son and good prophet”).

Have you ever wondered why you dream of someone you know who has passed? Because when we are asleep, our bodies are closest to death. Our astral bodies, mind and soul, separate from our physical bodies during our sleep. Your spirit body arises to the astral plane and meets with the departed. This is also the plane where healing takes place.

“It is God Who takes away the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep. He keeps those (souls) for which He has ordained death and sends the rest for a term appointed. Verily, in this are signs for a people who think deeply.” – Quran 39:42.

Going back to my idea of viewing life and death as a cycle, we can conclude that when one has perfected his/her sequence, then one has reached mastery of his/her soul. This initiates the individual into the spiritual kingdom, or Kingdom of God. This is what spiritual evolution is about. This is what rebirth is about.

I encourage communication with the astral plane to bring solace to people who are grieving for their loved ones. Additionally, I believe educating and familiarizing yourself with this realm will also remove the fear of death. Life does not end in [physical] death. We are eternal beings — both our souls and spirits continue to exist even after death.

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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Die Before You Die -

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