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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Islam’s Chakra System

Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Islam's Chakra System -

Last week, I briefly talked about the significance of energy. Primarily, the power of energy with our words. Over the weekend, I attended a dhikr circle led by my Sufi Master. It was a spiritual tune up I needed after an exhausting month. The energy that was cultivated left me revitalized. I left the dhikr circle feeling like I do when I finish a yoga class. The sense of renewal did not come as a surprise to me, especially since dhikr and Sufi meditation have the same spiritual and physical benefit on the body as yoga does.

We know that all Divine scriptures have a blessing in the frequency of each word, but since I am Muslim, I find myself credible enough to [only] talk about Islam in relation to this specific topic. The Quranic recitation is compiled of a group of frequencies that vibrate to the ear then move to the brain. Subsequently, the brain cells respond to these fields and modify their vibrations. This shift in the vibration is what we feel down to the cellular level, after experience and repetition.

Using instruments for prayer or chanting, such as the rosary beads (tasbih), assists not just in healing, but also in aligning your vibration. The beads, often made from wood (earth element) to natural gemstones, radiate their own set of energy depending on the metaphysical properties of the bead. This tool acts as a palpable medium of communication.

Just like “OM” is in itself a vibration, so is Allah SWT (God). OM frequency is the same as Earth. When you chant OM, you are aligning your entire frequency to Earth. When you chant “Allah,” you are matching His vibration of pure light.

Each letter in the word “Allah” affects your body. The first letter, “A” (alif) releases stagnation from the respiratory system, which we understand, controls our breath. Next, the letter “L” (lam) produces a velar consonant, which relaxes the throat. Lastly, the letter “H” (ha) connects your lungs to the heart, which balances your heartbeat.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah (God) do hearts find rest” – Quran 13:28

Similar to the Hindu chakra system, the sensory points are energy centers. The difference, however, is in the location and function of each. In Islamic esotericism — otherwise known as Sufism — the Chakras are identified as lataif-as-sitta (the six subtleties, or singular: latifa). According to my tariqa (term for Sufi order), Naqshabandi Sufi Order, each energy portal (chakra/latifa) correlates to a color, organ within the body, and a Prophet. In accordance with the Sufi tradition, there are three gates to healing and growth: body, energy and spirit. Disease and illness occur when a chakra (lataif) is unbalanced.

Here is a brief and basic Sufi lataif chart:

Name Color Location Correlation Prophet Attribute to chant (dhikr)
Qalb (Heart) Yellow or Red (depends on school of thought) Two fingers below the left breast Heart center (love, Divine love, lust and other desires) Prophet Adam Allah, Astaghfirallah, Rahim, Quddus, Salam, Alim
Ruh (Spirit) Red Two fingers below the right breast Anger lives here Prophets Abraham and Noah Allah
Sirr (The secret) White Two fingers beside left breast towards the center Greed lives Prophet Moses Allah, Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum
Khafi (mystery) Black Third eye (depends on school of thought) Jealousy is housed here Prophet Jesus Wahid, Bari, Al-Fattah
Nafs (intuition) Colorless or Blue (depending on school of thought) Center of forehead, otherwise known as, third eye.  Your intuition is housed here. Malik, Al-Basir, Al-Khabir, Al-Haqq
Akhfa (Mystery) Green or Violet Point of unity Prophet Muhammad Ya Ahad

Translation from Hindu chakra system to Islam:

Name Color Location Prophet
Root Black Base of the spine Prophet Adam
Power center Blue Naval, center of the abdomen Prophet Noah
Solar Plexus Yellow Above the naval, upper abdomen Prophet David
Heart Center Red Center of your chest Prophet Abraham
Throat Black Throat Prophet Jesus
Third eye White Forehead Prophet Moses
Crown Emerald Top of the head Prophet Muhammad

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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Islam's Chakra System -

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