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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Embracing the Divine Within You

Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Embracing the Divine Within You -

It’s almost been a month since Ramadan flew by us. Surprisingly, the occurring theme I heard from many was the lack of fulfillment throughout the holy month. Many complained, not about the physical hardship, but rather, about the spiritual void they felt. For those who felt this way, I hope you find my article beneficial and insightful.

You are not wrong to have felt disconnected. It does not mean you are going to be punished for not basking in the glorious spiritual and physical components of Ramadan. It simply means, your soul is ready for an awakening. You are ready, right now, to make a shift into a higher level of consciousness that nourishes your soul.

This is what spirituality is about.

Religion came down to mankind as a guide. Our Prophets are a testament to this. Unfortunately, the mysticism of religion got lost in translation over the centuries, through man’s interpretation. Correct, the Quran is the only Holy book that was not written by man. However, the Arabic-to-English translation has allowed a lessening of the true intent of God’s word to be understood.

If you are feeling stuck and a sense of going through the motions in regards to religion, whether it be from prayer or fasting, then you are feeling the heart’s void. This unknown feeling of life and religious prerequisites no longer providing you with answers is the tipping point for you to accept the need to take on a spiritual path. The center of your spirituality is within your heart. Every spiritual path awakens your soul’s longing to the Beloved, the Divine.

Think of this process of spiritual enlightenment, as embarking on a love affair; a love affair back to God. In order to have this relationship, you have to get in touch with your authentic self and strip your ego. Leave your illusion and rose-colored glasses, behind. Your ego self was giving you grief during Ramadan, telling you not to fulfill the physical obligation because you are not retaining the spiritual sustenance. If you had the tools to connect with your higher self, and really ask what was giving you resistance to fasting, you would have found, it is because your heart is yearning to be aligned with God and His love. His flame. Until the Divine flame of His love has ignited within your heart, you have not even begun to taste the degree of inner contentment.

He loves them and they love Him (5:54).Click To Tweet

When I made the shift and started my spiritual path, I began to read and understand the Quran differently. For instance, God says He is closer to us than our jugular vein (50:16). I first interpreted that to mean, do not even think of slipping up and sinning. There is no room for error. Only perfection. However, as a Sufi, I now read the verse to mean, God, my Beloved is so close to me because I am apart of Him. There is neither duality, nor separation from God. We belong to Him and He is at the core of our being.

The path is a journey of the soul. It will not be easy. It requires you to go to the bottomless depth of your soul. To welcome a state of vulnerability and nakedness. Through this, I realized I’m a giggling fool! I laugh at anything and everything, now. Often times in meetings, I will even burst out laughing at something that happened years ago! The energy of laughter is a sign of complete authentic awareness and comfort with myself. The vibration of laughter loosens the energy in your heart, and allows not only the energy to be released, but also the tissues to expand and increase blood flow. This is just another sign of the importance of having a clean heart.

There is neither duality, nor separation from God. We belong to Him and He is at the core of our being. Click To Tweet

When my old self was out and proud, as a snobby raging (word that rhymes with witch), I never gave myself the chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Like laughing. A previous Sunday school teacher once scolded me for laughing in the hallway because she said, boys would be attracted to me for my high pitched laugh and that’s a sin. 

(Insert eye roll here).

Spirituality is simple. There are ways to attune to His essence and allow His Divine presence to flow through you. Now that you are in the state of awakening, you can gradually take the necessary steps to continue on the path. For me, my path is obviously, Sufism. For some it may be, Santeria. Or Kabbalah. Each and every path has the same premise – to take your soul to God. Once you open this door, your heart and your life will never be the same. After you have committed to a path, you have to start with a mindful practice. Emptying the mind, we create an inner space where we can become united with God. Even though He is always within us, our ego clouds our mind and veils our heart away from Him.

Since the topic of mindfulness and dhikr are vast, I will cover it in a separate article.

What you will feel as your take the first step towards your new path:

  1. Awareness of old habits. I was able to recognize and heal my old habit of anger and bitterness.
  2. Shedding of superficiality and accepting authenticity. Regarding people and situations, you will become attracted to those that radiate authenticity.
  3. Compassion. Whether you are deeply affected by global tragedies or a bystander’s bad luck, you will begin to feel their pain.
  4. Yearning to find your purpose in life. A friend of mine took her spiritual path recently and abandoned her career as a corporate attorney to be an art teacher!
  5. Hypersensitivity with your senses. Otherwise known as, your chakras will be open. Your intuition will become more developed over time. Meditation and prayer will help assist and purify this step. Ever wonder why your siti (grandmother) has an insane amount of wisdom, even her dreams are premonitions!? That is because after her 50+ years of praying, her third eye and crown chakras are extremely open.
  6. Inspiration and creativity will be ignited. 
  7. People who do not match your vibration will fall from your life. You will definitely see this in people who harbor negativity or toxic behavior.
  8. Being in a state of bliss. To welcome the bliss and eternal happiness, it is all up to you. You have the power within you to embrace this path of renewal. It is up to you, to fill your void.

It is up to you, to fill your void. Click To Tweet

It is human not God, who causes the spiritual distance within.

This is just the beginning! If you want to learn more about Sufism or specifically, my tariqa, the Naqshabandi order, please email me and I’ll be happy to continue offering insight.

Next week, I will start my personal series regarding my specific experiences with the other realm. Stay tuned!

In love and light.

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Spirituality, Sufism & Starbucks: Embracing the Divine Within You -

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