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September Astrology: It’s Written in the Stars September Astrology Report

September Astrology: It's Written in the Stars -
MissMuslim is thrilled to welcome Astrologer and Founder of QueerCosmos, Colin Bedell, as a contributing writer to our team. He and our Spiritual Blogger, Jehan, will be joining cosmic forces to bring you monthly star-forecasts. Colin is the astro-brainiac behind all this. Jehan is just here to throw Islamic shade to prevent the haram police from staging a revolution. Isn’t that the usual dynamic between a Gemini (Colin) and Capricorn (Jehan)? Gemini is the communicative genius and Capricorn is the lady boss (read, bossy lady – just delegating). 

Written by Colin Bedell and Jehan Mansy

It’s back to school time, MissMuslim readers! After a supercharged summer, electrified by the heat of the Leo and Aquarius, Eclipses, plus the planets of action/passion and thinking/communication increasing the wattage of this electricity, we can take a deep breath because September 2017 will allow us the calm to process.

Congratulate yourself on successfully surviving (read: you didn’t die) the cosmic Eclipse storm of August. With darkness, there’s light. After the storm, comes the rainbow. All the soul work you have been drowning in is now settling and it’s time to integrate your new truth.

Since most of the electric experiences are behind us, September should inspire deep thinking and focused attention. When I write it’s back to school time, I mean – it’s time to mentally unpack your experiences and learn the lessons the Universe is forcing you to confront in order that you can live in a more harmonious alignment with integrity, authenticity, and a higher moral compass. Most of September is ruled by the zodiac sign Virgo, whose energy inspires critical thinking, impeccable communication, impulse-control, spiritual simplicity, and wellness. To make the most of this forecast, consider the areas within these specific areas in your life that would benefit from detailed organization, discipline, high-minded, dialogue, and structure.

Until September 5th, the energetic emphasis is on developing strategy, reviewing the areas in your life that need the reconsideration, and recalibration from the summer. When Mercury ends its retrograde on September 5th, you’ll get the momentum from the Universe to let the rubber meet the road and execute your plan of action. Sadly, normalcy will return and you’ll have to be responsible for your words since there will be no more hiding behind your Mercury-Retrograde-made-you-say-that excuse. But have all the faith in your ability to uplift. Have all the faith in your power to transform. Mars, the planet of action, motivation, and urge, will begin its transit with Virgo in September. So, you see, all signs and planets are pointing to the collective getting to work on personal growth.

“Most of September is ruled by the zodiac sign Virgo, whose energy inspires critical thinking, impeccable communication, impulse-control, spiritual simplicity, and wellness.”

On September 6th,  the full Moon in Pisces will elevate our thinking beyond the Virgo’s day to day worldly tasks into the otherworldly dimensions. I would highly encourage you to spend a moment under the Pisces Full Moon in contemplative prayer, meditation, or ritual to allow the infinite wisdom of the Universe to take you into its loving arms and give you the higher thoughts necessary to express peace, tenderness, and forgiveness. Remember whatever inspiration comes to the forefront of your thinking because, on September 19th, a New Moon in Virgo will allow for us to declare our most loving and service-oriented intentions for the next six months. Try not to focus on what you want to receive but what you’d rather give. That’s the highest Virgo intention. Is it any wonder why the United Nations’ International Day of Peace falls on September 21st, the last day of Virgo Season? Of course not. What do we need to give to strengthen peace on Earth? Let us live with the question.

Spiritual tips for those who are interested in mystical astrology: the season of Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, which is ruled by Prophet Jesus. Jesus’s Divine attributes of compassion, purity, enlightenment, healer, and devotional innocence are amplified during this astrological season. Under the first powerful moon transit of the month, the Pisces full moon, give yourself a spiritual assessment and look to see what spiritual pattern needs to end; since full moons are about closure. I recommend a simple yet effective method to giving yourself a spiritual assessment. Give yourself time to be reflective, whether through mindfulness or prayer, and ask your Higher Self to reveal to you what you need to release in order to elevate. What is holding you back from obtaining inner peace?

On September 22nd, the Virgo page in the zodiac calendar turns to Libra Season on the Autumn Equinox. For most of the month, the energy was focused on proactive, mental strategies that harness clarity, wellness, and our best intellectual capabilities. In the month of Libra, we will be called to share our awareness, our mindfulness, and perceptions with partners. Ask meaningful questions to your loved ones like, “What’s today speaking to you?” to hear the quality of their thoughts and experiences. Love begins in the mind, truly, so walk in the autumn bliss, hand in hand and mind and mind, with your beloveds to learn more about them. There’s no greater gift we can give than our attention.  

For those who practice the Islamic faith, I encourage you to open up this reflective space by chanting the Divine name, “Ya Basir” and wait for your sign. Recite Surah An’am (سورة الأنعام‎‎), Surah Ikhlas, and Surah Maryam throughout the month.

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September Astrology: It's Written in the Stars -

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