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From Plaid to Prada: Mr. Possibly Perfect

From Plaid to Prada: Mr. Possibly Perfect -

There is no Mr. Perfect. At least the one I labeled last year, isn’t. This article is not an anti-man, anti-love rant or a character assassination against him. This is not an exposé on closure as the idea of closure is mediocre. Everything is energy and energy is fluid. Since relationships are a source of energy, closure happens upon the final decision to end the dynamic because the energy is not being given or received.

I only harbor respect, love and grace for Mr. Perfect. I would never want to dishonor him, so I hope y’all (the readers) can interpret this with the same level of compassion. I have processed and let go of the relationship months ago but a recent conversation with a friend sparked an epiphany on him and why I was incorrect to place him on that pedestal. I was not nor do I seek a “perfect person” but last year I thought Mr. Perfect was perfect for me. And God was quick to humble me with a lesson on the dangers of glorifying a human.

Everything is energy and energy is fluid…

As I stated in the last article I wrote about him, I identified what attributes he possessed that, at that time, made him Mr. Perfect. He was a kind gentleman who mirrored the mannerisms of my father and brothers, traits that are important to me because I grew up in a haven of respect, appreciation and decency. He could make me laugh to the point that I was left gasping for air and I wasn’t embarrassed to let out a reactionary convulsed-snort. He encouraged my dreams no matter how far-fetched they were. “I want to be a media mogul,” I once confided in him. “You already are but better,” he responded. Our time together was simple, easy and magical. The depth of our connection awakened my heart and made me so grateful to share space with him.

Then he left.

His abruptness to disconnect and disengage from me was not just heartbreaking, it also signaled an imbalance in the exchange of energy. I did not have unreasonable expectations other than, show up. Be present. Be loyal to the process of being in a relationship. Vibrate at a frequency that matches mine so when the normal hiccups in a relationship occur, we can address it with [emotional] maturity. I’m regurgitating this to reiterate, if we do not walk away from a failed relationship whether it’s personal or business, without accepting our role in it and the lesson, then we are not in the alignment to evolve. After all, love backwards is two letters short of being, ‘evolve’. Therefore, in order to prosper in love it takes acknowledgment and maturity to elevate. We are mirrors to each other. As one of my literary idols, William Shakespeare, said, “The fault […] is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” Perhaps the mistake I made was by glorifying him to this perfect status, and the mistake includes that it is not possible for someone to reciprocate that level of perfection.

Why is it vital to evolve? Because who wants to live a mediocre life?

I should not have sought Mr. Perfect in the first place because he does not exist. Last year’s Mr. Perfect – let’s now refer to him as, Possibly Perfect, is just a guy who stimulated my soul all while doing it with a sexy smile. But I digress. We should not seek “perfect” people because no human should be glorified as “perfect”; only our Supreme Creator deserves this designation. Nobody is perfect. Period. Nobody is superior or inferior. We are all unique and incomparable. We should be constantly striving to become more perfect, as we strive to emulate the Divine.

Everyone chases an ideal relationship without knowing how to maintain it. Primarily, we know what we want, we know how to get it (Capricorn here, it’s in my cosmic DNA to go after what I want, relentlessly) but we do not know how to cultivate it. I’ve always liked people with a little bit of an edge to them. I like people who accept themselves – both the dark and light. I like people who are courageous to get naked with their emotional vulnerability and walk in their authentically lit path with Divine sexiness.

Over the past few months as I’ve fine-tuned my self-love and simplified my life, I’ve abridged my prayer requests for the next Emperor archetype who enters my life, to do so fully ready to show up. I don’t know if the current guy who is vying for my attention is who God wants for me. As I never imagined I’d even entertain one of this caliber but in the short time he’s known of me, he has said that he finds me “intriguing” and I quote, “I’d be a fool not to at least have dinner with you.” These are the qualities I want my partner to see in me and I hope to see in him. Now if that’s not an upgrade in elevation, I don’t know what is. However the challenge for the next guy I am with, is going to see if he can continue to strive to be better.

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From Plaid to Prada: Mr. Possibly Perfect -

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