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October Astrology: The Diplomacy of Truth Telling October Astrology Report

October Astrology: The Diplomacy of Truth Telling -
MissMuslim is thrilled to welcome Astrologer and Founder of QueerCosmos, Colin Bedell, as a contributing writer to our team. He and our Spiritual Blogger, Jehan, will be joining cosmic forces to bring you monthly star-forecasts. Colin is the astro-brainiac behind all this. Jehan is just here to throw Islamic shade to prevent the haram police from staging a revolution. Isn’t that the usual dynamic between a Gemini (Colin) and Capricorn (Jehan)? Gemini is the communicative genius and Capricorn is the lady boss (read, bossy lady – just delegating). 

Written by Colin Bedell and Jehan Mansy

October’s themes are twofold. A disciplined and diplomatic understanding of “the other” and compassionate truth telling. We start October, my favorite month, with Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is the second act of this series, after the first, which debuted on April 6th, 2017. Mars, the planet of action, inspires informed, calculated action while it’s touring Virgo. When Mars and Pluto are paired together, intensity, confidence, and courage are center stage themes. Since it’s a trine, then the sign’s elements are enhanced, usually in a positive way, because they’re the same element. Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth signs. Pluto rules regenerative power and the need to strengthen your authentic inner focus to face the world. This energy carries us through to October 14th, when Venus enters Libra. What better day to take important action for material gain and support? We will feel empowered to regain control over our affairs and become influential to work towards our achievements, while the passion and desire for success are ignited. 

As always, the Universe knows just what we need in divine timing. A full moon in fiery Aries lights up the Libra skies on October 5th. This full moon comes after a Venus/Mars conjunction, so the emotional full moon comes complete with passion and intensity. While there’s action-oriented opportunity with this full moon, there’s also the possibility of danger. It’s important to remain grounded three days leading up to the full moon and even two weeks afterwards. This full moon is opposing Mercury, planet of communication, therefore communicating your feelings will be a major lesson for you. In astrology, everything comes in pairs. With a full moon’s energy radiating for two weeks, even after the end of lunar phase, it completes your goals and intentions you’ve set from the September 19th new moon. Added bonus is, it’s harvest time. Continue to fine-tune your emotional responses from the new moon goals you made. Last month’s new moon was a reminder of painful wounds, therefore, if you’ve done your soul work, this full moon will be very healing for you.

“I recommend using the intense passion of this full moon to get motivated to work on completing your goals.”

Remember, there’s a lot of passion energy in the air. Make room to allow all your passionate desires to be fulfilled. However, be mindful of any neurotic infatuations or obsessions to get out of hand. We may all be guilty of binge watching a Lifetime movie about an obsessive lover, but those stories are usually based on non-fiction. Avoid the temptation to control, deceive, or engage in gossip. Visualization and use of your creative imagination is always a healthy tool for manifesting. But when it’s done with the intention to control and manipulate, you could very well find yourself living a Lifetime movie, in real life. I recommend using the intense passion of this full moon to get motivated to work on completing your goals. Spoken like a true Capricorn, obviously.

Side note: I have an eerie feeling something is going to pop off with North Korea during the two weeks post full moon.

Prophet Joseph rules over the planet Venus, which is the ruling planet over Libra. 

On October 10th, one of the most landmark transits of 2017 occurs when Jupiter – Planet of Success, Abundance, Luck, and Wisdom – enters Scorpio for the year. The Scorpio, born and influenced, will begin one of the most helpful, beneficial, and successful chapters of their life story. For the rest of us, we’ll achieve our highest abundance through a deep inquiry of meaningful Truth, embracing the lows of the human experience, an active working towards personal growth, and radical honesty. It will be uncomfortable, but we cannot have a wholehearted life without wrestling vulnerability, shame, authenticity, and discomfort. Period. So, the year ahead will call us to apply what we’ve learned on Truth and apply it to our experiences.

Honesty without compassion is brutality, remember, so when Venus enters Libra on October 14th, then our experiences will unfold circumstances, situations, and events that inspire compassionate truth-telling in relationships. You’re always allowed to tell the Truth of your whole heart – the original definition for Courage, mind you – with tenderness, mercy, forgiveness, and grace. Experiencing romantic relationships with foundations of diplomatic understanding will prove crucial for this 3.5 week long transit. I’d locate the Prayer of St. Francis as a wonderful context for Venus in Libra,

“O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned…”

As a cumulative result of the previous experiences, when Mercury goes into Scorpio on October 18th, you’ll work on the mental and vocal skills required to hold and process radical authenticity. I predict a time of compassionate truth-telling and a high quality of listening. I suspect hidden truths coming to the surface too. Use whatever shifts in perceptions came up for you to frame your relationship intentions on October 19th’s New Moon in Libra. Every one of us would benefit from highlighting 10-15 intentions that allow us to be the partners, friends, coworkers, and family members we’re capable of being. Seek to be an instrument of peace in all these social dynamics.

Since the Law of Cause (Consciousness) and Effect (Experience) is the building block of the Universe, according to A Course in Miracles, then we’ve already understood our consciousness’ ideas on relationships after the New Moon in Libra, so our effects will manifest right on time when Mars enters Libra on October 22nd. So we’ll all be tested to move those ideas beyond just abstract intellectual thought into our behavior and experience. We know we have to apologize, we know we have to offer forgiveness, we know nobody’s perfect, so when Mars is in Libra, we’ll act from that space of understanding and summon alternative peaceful solutions in relationships.

“You’re always allowed to tell the Truth of your whole heart…”

Back to the theme of big Truth, Scorpio Season begins on October 23rd. Sweet Scorpio is unfairly maligned by surface level astrology. They’re not evil. They’re not nymphomaniac introverts. Rather, they’re tuned into a higher frequency where they’re required to exercise a depth of inquiry that casts away all illusion, superficial ideas, and dishonesty. And the times in which we uphold distraction and self-indulgence leaves poor Scorpio feeling inherently unpopular. Take the time over the subsequent four weeks to dig deep, flesh out the Truth as you understand it, and hold a reverence for sexual intimacy and commitment. Enjoy this mysterious time and revere those in your life who help you move beyond meaningless distraction.

For those who practice the Islamic faith, I encourage you to chant the Divine attributes, Al-Adl (عدل), which means The Just. The metaphysical numerical property of this name is 105. Second attribute, Al-Haqq (حقّ) which means The Truth. The metaphysical numerical property of this name is 108. Therefore, chant these names in accordance to the numerical value. Throughout the month, read the following: Surah At-Tawbah (سورة التوبة‎‎), The Repentance, and Surah Ta-ha (سورة طه‎‎).

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October Astrology: The Diplomacy of Truth Telling -

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