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November Astrology: Rising from the Ashes November Astrology Report

November Astrology: Rising from the Ashes -
MissMuslim is thrilled to welcome Astrologer and Founder of QueerCosmos, Colin Bedell, as a contributing writer to our team. He and our Spiritual Blogger, Jehan, will be joining cosmic forces to bring you monthly star-forecasts. Colin is the astro-brainiac behind all this. Jehan is just here to throw Islamic shade to prevent the haram police from staging a revolution. Isn’t that the usual dynamic between a Gemini (Colin) and Capricorn (Jehan). Gemini is the communicative genius and Capricorn is the lady boss (read, bossy lady – just delegating). 

Written by Colin Bedell and Jehan Mansy

Radically honest, transformative, and intimacy craving Scorpio Season has taken the Universe into its arms. Many are rejoicing while others are hiding under their covers waiting for Sagittarius to bring light to their darkness on November 21. Scorpio energy has radiated for a little over a week now and will continue to keep the veil drawn back until the end of its month. Scorpio is a water sign, which is an intuitively driven and focused emotional sign. It is important to understand this water element and its relationship to us as we navigate this season. This sign’s energy activates our response and reaction from an emotional space. Waters are running deep, for everyone. Scorpio represents death and rebirth. Scorpio energy is about extremities – things are either good or bad; black or white, right or wrong and birth or death. Deep emotional truths will be revealed to allow for immense transformation. This season will bring to the surface what has been hidden. Like my mother always said, what you do in the dark comes out in the light. President Trump and his goonies must have missed that memo.

Your awareness will be heightened this month.

Scorpio is ruled by Planet Mars. Mars is ruled by Prophet Aaron (Harun, هارون) Prophet Aaron wasn’t just a brother to Moses – he was a High Priest, Pharaoh of Exodus and gave us the Family of Imran, consequently Surah Imran.

The first Friday in November welcomes the Full Moon in Taurus for a weekend of cosmic completion. Full Moons symbolize full circles, endings, elliptical explorations into Taurus ruled topics. The highest Taurus energy wants us to lay claim to a daily value system that holds our individual convictions in mutual reciprocity with the concerns of our closest connections. Look to your experience next to your belief system and see if they’re aligned in integrity. Do your beliefs bring you closer to your maximum joy and possibility? Because if you can’t cross reference your belief to your experience and find evidence of the efficiency, then it’s time to pick a new value system. If you’re content with this aspect, then dig deeper because we never graduate from these spiritual schools.

Venus enters Scorpio on November 7th. The Goddess of Love + Values will plummet to the Plutonian ruled depths of meaningful inquiry on our most romantic connections. Venus has enjoyed its lovely stay in Libra allowing us to intellectually and experientially understand our energy patterns with others. Venus in Scorpio wants us to get really, disastrously real about who we want to commit to. This is a transit of authentic, uncomfortable but necessary intimacy where we crave connections not in spite of our imperfections but because of them. We can use our relationships as laboratories of the spirit. As hospitals for the soul. But only if we are willing to heal together.

An annual aspect between the two luckiest signs Venus and Jupiter bless the Scorpio skies on November 13th. Remembering what we spoke on regarding the honesty of Venus in Scorpio in dialogue with Jupiter’s recent entry into Scorpio domain, the theme is clear – let us not not be afraid of our darkness. Let us bring our wounds to relationships for healing. Let us recognize the relationship as a space to join in glory and serve the Universe together for Jupiter’s blessings will be yours with rigorously honest relationship psychology. Don’t meet mask to mask. But higher self to higher self.

The Scorpio New Moon, November 18th gives us an edge. Despite New Moon’s being about new beginnings and planting seeds, this new moon will be a bit uncomfortable since both the sun and moon will be in Scorpio, house of death and rebirth. You may be sparked to add a bit of bass in your tone when you speak and emotional and shadow wounds that haven’t been healed will be triggered. Your shadow wounds are emotional hot spots buried in your shadow self – the part your ego has pushed persona’s that you and society deemed as unacceptable. When we do not clean out the shadow self storage, these persona’s emerge in unexpected and often times, unwanted ways. This is why soul work is crucial to living your authentic self. Take advantage of this New Moon to integrate the persona’s that are subconsciously sabotaging you.

Let us bring our wounds to relationships for healing.

Egos can clash on November 19th with a harsh square between Mars in Libra with Pluto in Capricorn. Unconsciously this a fight between passive aggressive and people pleasing with totalitarian and dictatorship energy patterns. So, what’s the solution? Balance – of course. And as always a proactive explanation to those around you what is and is not okay with your boundaries and integrity. Like Dr. Brene Brown asks us, “What boundaries need to be in place for me to stay in my integrity and make the most generous assumptions about you?” Take responsibility for the tenor of your day and for the behavior you allow.

And on November 21st, after our walk in the wilderness, the light of Sagittarius season welcomes after our work confronting and conquering our shadow. Expansion, optimism, high minded attention to wisdom and intelligence will be the modus operandi of Sagittarius Season. Seek to identify with the aspects of your personality structure that every living person could relate to. Go beyond body and culture identifications to a space of shared humanity.

Verses in the Quran for reflection during this month: 2:28, 29:57, 39:42, 21:104. Chapter’s to read, Chapter Imran, Chapter Ankabut and Chapter Muminoon.

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November Astrology: Rising from the Ashes -

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