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A Made Up March

A Made Up March -

Another month has come and gone and it’s as if I’ve gotten that much older. But thank the sweet Lord above that there are scientists out there making special potions in their labs so I don’t have to look a day over the age I’m pretending to be today (which is 20 in case you were wondering).

One such magical potion that I’ve been loving (and is our #MustoftheMonth), is the NYX Dark Circle Concealer in light. 

I’ve been in a constant battle with the dark skin under my eyes since before I even started wearing makeup. It isn’t just that I’m tired all the time from being awesome, it’s also that I wear glasses. My fellow glasses wearers understand the struggle of the constant dark under eye skin caused by some kind of glasses science that remains a mystery to me. Maybe they covered it in biology, who knows.

So when I started trying out different makeup looks in my late teens, the darkness of my eyes became even more apparent. First, I tried just over lining my eyes with charcoal liner to achieve some sort of vampire queen of the night affect. Then I graduated to what many YouTubers have called, the ‘halo’ eyes. Halo eyes are when you put so much product underneath your eyes that the skin is not only a different color from the rest of your face, it’s glowing as well. Not only was that look not cute, it also made everything look worse once my makeup settled and the 17 cremes I applied exposed my lines. UGH! Can’t a makeup novice catch a break?

Yes! And my break came in the form of a light weight concealer and corrector that has improved my look and shaved minutes off of my morning makeup battle.

The NYX Dark Circle Concealer feels weightless under the eye and serves as a perfect primer for any kind of heavy duty concealer you might use afterwards.

To make it through my work day (or date night) I gently apply the NYX product under my eyes using my ring finger on whatever hand is cleanest. Then once my foundation is in place I lightly go over my eye area with the Maybelline Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer. Once I buff that out with a blender, I set it with powder and voila I’m worry free for the rest of the day.

I literally cannot say enough times how easy and convenient I find this NYX concealer. It’s something that proves itself especially handy for my girls out there who aren’t makeup pros but want to do enough to enhance their pre-existing cute. Give this magic little pot a try and I can almost promise that you will not be disappointed. I haven’t even finished my pot yet and I know I’ll be heading to the store a month from now to pick up another.

Enjoy your April ladies! And if you’ve got your own Must for March, let us know in the comments below.

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A Made Up March -

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