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Muslim Fuck Boys: Piety Turned to Douchery

Muslim Fuck Boys: Piety Turned to Douchery -

Written by Anonymous

Fuck Boy: [adj.] a man(boy) who doesn’t respect women yet relies on them heavily, particularly for sexual and ego boasting gratification. He’s a man(boy) who doesn’t care about a woman’s time or emotions and won’t commit due to immaturity and the clouding of judgment from being too self-absorbed.

The Muslim Fuck Boy, much like all the others, have their own agenda. This particular breed is clandestine in their approach and has the added benefit of the illusion of religious piety to cover his misdemeanors. Not only do they have zero intention of commitment; their reluctance is coated with self-righteousness, judgmental behavior and hypocrisy. His prey (unassuming women) is lured in with declared promises of marriage, often as soon as the first conversation. He will go on to explain his sexual chastity, claiming his inexperience or virginity. He will stop conversations midway as its time for prayer and he will also text you to remind you to pray.

I am painfully single but mostly out of choice because I have a track record of horrific fuckery that could fill several books. I recently met numerous Fuck Boys – two of which deserve specific recognition in this piece.

Fuck Boy #1

A very successful commodities trader working in London Mayfair (if he’s reading this, yes it’s you).

With him being over 6’3″ and easy on the eyes, I was quick to be sucked in with the impression of, “good Muslim boy”. I am a seasoned bitch, so it’s fairly hard to break me down, which is something he eventually did.

This man was so full of his own success, money and pious attributes that it left very little space for anyone else to make a place in his heart or mind. A man who is so self-aware of every one of his qualities and finds the need to not only list them but bring them up at every opportunity, which becomes such a tedious act. Irrespective of him being dickish, I gave him the benefit of doubt only because of this outwardly “good Muslim guy” persona that he proudly wore.

After several months of knowing him I discovered the hypocrisy in his morals. He had created his own sub category of religion in order to suit and benefit his needs, which I suppose we all do to some extent. He was very adamant that physical touching of any kind was prohibited and even shaking hands is not appropriate. In which case, if we accept this Islamic principle in its entirety, male and female interaction without mehram (unmarriageable kin) is not permitted in any capacity. Yet, he was all for endless “halal dates” which consisted of dinners and outings.

All because I held his arm, I was no longer chaste, according to him.

As we became closer he was surprisingly open to sexual talk – only over the phone – nothing too crude but nonetheless it contradicted the “morals” he spoke of. I personally am open to sexual discussion as long as they are adult, consensual, and not lured/repulsive. I eventually realized that he actually got off (turned on) on these sexual talks. I was not. To me, they were very PG 13 – light-hearted discussions of sexual preferences. With this development, my perception of him expanded. However, at our very next meeting his hypocrisy was brazen. On our “halal date”, we crossed a very busy London road, I unassumingly took his arm so I wouldn’t fall in my stupid and impractical high heels. He mildly resisted my hand but realized that I only needed assistance and wasn’t getting sexual gratification from this innocent embrace. This resulted in him phoning me that very night after our “not so halal date” (according to him) and called things off. All because I held his arm, I was no longer chaste, according to him. The insanity of this situation was laughable but in his mind, it all made sense. He couldn’t marry a women who was comfortable holding a non mehram‘s arm.

Fuck Boy #2 made Fuck Boy #1 seem like a walk in the park.

Fuck Boy #2

This man was so confused with his own identity and beliefs that he managed to surprise a hardened faultfinder.

A pilot from London, of Arab heritage (again if you’re reading this, yes I am talking about you), speaking many languages and a fan of literature.

This man could quote the Quran and spoke of religious wrong doing, often pointing out religious inaccuracies in others and offering specific advice on how to improve them. Similar to Fuck Boy #1 this man was adamantly against physically contact, and yet meeting without merhram was fine. That’s OK, we all make up our own rules and pick and choose from religion – I certainly do. However, there are certain things that even people with no religion shouldn’t be subjected to – especially against their will.

After knowing this man for a short while and admiring his commitment to his religion, his talk (almost overnight) became so perverse that a liberal, experienced, grown-ass woman like me was left shocked. One night after sharing a picture of myself dressed up for a dinner date with friends, his comments went from complementary to highly sexual and inappropriate.

I called him out on this and his explanation was because he is a virgin, therefore he gets turned on very easily and I am “very sexy” which evidently, “turned him on very much”. I tried to look past this which was a bad idea and not advised to anyone reading this, cut your losses and run. Little did I know while I was out and distracted, his messages progressively got worse as the night went on. This man had turned into a ravenous animal. As I made my way home in the car and before I had read any of his messages, he FaceTimed me which was not uncommon for us but what my eyes witnessed was uncommon for me. He was in full, sexual motion, making love to himself with his hand and for some strange reason thought I would want to witness this debauchery. BLOCK and DELETE are the best inventions Apple has ever made on the iPhone.

Men and women can do what they want; have phone sex, FaceTime sex (with willing candidates), real sex or no sex, I don’t really care and I don’t judge. But please don’t lure people in under false pretense and the guise of religion only to be revealed as a basic Fuck Boy.

The fact is, these Muslim men are just your average Fuck Boys who want sexual gratification, compliments, company, validation and everything else. They however, choose to shroud themselves in religion. I think that is for two reasons. Firstly, religion is a great tactic to employ in order to catch a specific type of woman. Women who are perhaps just as self-righteous as these Muslim Fuck Boys (I include myself in that). We want pious, or at least practicing partners – therefore we need to give the impression of those attributes to attract that.

Secondly, these Muslim Fuck Boys truly believe they are better than other Muslims and non-Muslims who openly court, hook-up and have sex. Therefore, they have a moral high ground to select the best most chaste women society has to offer, despite them being hypocrites who in fact, don’t believe anyone is good enough to commit to.

Fuck Boys come in all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds and all women already know this. They can also be found in every country and culture. All Fuck Boys are on a power trip, and they want to push boundaries and women’s buttons to see how much they can extort physically. Sometimes financially. Mostly emotionally. Stay clear – you’ve been warned.

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Muslim Fuck Boys: Piety Turned to Douchery -

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