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MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis There is power in femininity

MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -

Hello [basically] summer time! Given the 90 degree (F) weather we had this weekend I’d think it’s safe to say it’s beach season, no? If you’re like me, and you wear bikinis (gasp), but have a horrible experience with fitting into any other kind besides the ones that cost upwards of $385 – for just a bandeau top (yay for odd proportions) – get ready to fall in love.

I’ve recently discovered a lingerie inspired swimsuit line that is taking over the high fashion market at an affordable price. I give you – Perfect Peach. As incredibly sophisticated as this line is, I was even more impressed by the young brain behind it – and her message to women who are trying to make it in the business world (spoiler alert: it’s about loving yourself and being confident in your ideas).

I had the pleasure of chatting with the President & Creative Director of Perfect Peach, Nora Leisk, about her newest brand of captivating, travel inspired swimwear.

Check out the interview below!


I love your swim catalog! Before we get started, can you tell us about the inspiration and details behind this swim line? 

Perfect Peach is a swimwear line providing a unique blend of elegance and bold sensuality, inspiring the modern woman to be flirtatious and confident with her style. To sum up the line in three words – I would say it is elegant, bold and sensual. The name of the collection is Undressed Swimwear, as it is lingerie inspired and illustrates flirtatious styles with a modern feel. I used a refined palette of black, nude, and white, so that the collection would depict classic shades of sophistication.MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -

Each suit is created in New York City (#MMHome), a place where the design process burns with energy and the technical construction skills are cutting edge. We craft the suits with the highest Italian sourced materials that are smooth and evocative to the touch, as well as synonymous with sensual awareness. Furthermore, all of the swimwear is designed specifically for comfort and longevity by using such high quality ingredients.

Since I love to travel, Perfect Peach is also heavily inspired by travel. Because of this inspiration I built the brand and designs so that they would conjure visions of jet setters, world travelers, and the woman who is fearless to traipse across borders and express herself through style however she pleases. You can see these values of self expression and independence illustrated in the suits through the minimal, yet sexy cuts.

“…I built the brand and designs so that they would conjure visions of jet setters, world travelers, and the woman who is fearless to traipse across borders and express herself through style however she pleases.”

Why the name Perfect Peach?

My mother and I were throwing names at one another (over a cosmopolitan nonetheless!) We were talking about Peaches… and the interpretation of it being a part of the female body. And that whatever your interpretation was of your peach, it was perfect (ladies, love your bums)! I also am a strong believer in whatever you are covering your “peach” with, should also be as perfect as you. So, it definitely has multiple meanings. I think it’s a really fun and cute name at the end of the day, and it fits very nicely with the brand which aims to promote strong femininity.

What inspired you to create a swimsuit line?

I went to school for design, I studied at Parsons, Central Saint Martins and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I knew my heart belonged in design but it wasn’t until I worked with Mara Hoffman, iconic swimwear designer, that a bell went off in my head and I knew that I wanted to design swimwear. I have always been a traveler and to me, beach culture is so much fun. I grew up near the ocean so this wanderlust sensation has been seeded in me since I was a little girl. Designing swimwear is my outlet to constant bliss, happy memories, and for people to build their own suits (mixing and matching) for their Perfect Peach.

Tell us about the swimsuit designs. Which is your favorite?

It’s tough for me to choose a favorite. So much time went into designing each one that they are all really special in their own way. But I think if I would have to choose, I’d say The Other Woman one piece, because the color blocking is so elegant and the straps add such a sensual twist to it – wrapping the body really shows off your curves.MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -

I see you are traveling a lot! Where has your new business taken you?

I do travel often! Recently I was in Japan, and I have actually just landed in Australia where I plan to do a few photo shoots. Traveling has always been a big part of where I find inspiration. I think it’s incredibly important to understand other cultures and this plays a huge part in fueling my creativity. I like to think of Perfect Peach as a global brand, so spreading awareness, and the power in femininity all over the world is the plan. I want to design swimwear for women everywhere.

What has been your favorite destination so far?

My favorite destination has to be the Maldives; to me this is what paradise looMM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -ks like. If you want to remove yourself from the everyday B.S. of society, and feel like you are on a deserted island – go there. The color of the water is so blue, and it’s pretty eye opening to be on an island you can walk around in 15 minutes and have only an ocean full of sea creatures around you. It’s easy to feel small there and you can really appreciate mother nature. Keep an eye out for my new blog, The Peach, as I will be sharing a Maldives blog post soon.

You’ve already been featured in Glamour, Fashion Times, etc. in such a short period of time after your launch – What has been your greatest obstacle thus far in building your own startup company into what it is today?

It’s been really exciting getting such great feedback this early on. Meeting editors from magazines like Vogue, Women’s Health, Shape, and Glamour has been pretty surreal. Sometimes I have to pinch myself – like yes, this is really happening!

As far as an obstacle — this isn’t the case anymore — but at one point my hardest challenge was finding a team that I could trust with my vision. I had to learn to trust others’ opinions and directions at times and also be stern about my beliefs. I have always been a big collaborator but this took some time getting used to. Right now, Perfect Peach is in a really good place, and working with other creative individuals like myself has put us on a really great path.

What message to do you hope to send to young women in business?

MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -I think the mind is everything. I truly am a strong believer of “What you think, you become.” Never sell yourself short. I think for a long time I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle all of this – But I feel more myself now than ever before. Trust yourself. If you think you can do it, you most likely can. It’s O.K. to take a risk – if you always play it safe, you’ll someday always be saying, “What if?” Another important tip, always trust your gut. If something doesn’t sit right with you, never rush anything. If someone doesn’t see your vision as clearly as you do, don’t let them change it – help them get on your page. Lastly, take your time. As exciting as it is to start a new venture, you never want to rush a project because it usually won’t reach its full potential. Take your time and move at your pace, and the outcome will be worth it.

Check out the Perfect Peach collection – here, and join the journey to becoming a #PeachBabe !

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MM Must of The Month: Perfect Peach Bikinis -

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