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Marvel Hits R-Rated Goldmine with Deadpool

Marvel Hits R-Rated Goldmine with Deadpool -

If you’re a lover of comics and big flashy superhero movies, then I won’t have to work too hard to convince you that Marvel’s newest piece, Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds is worth the price of admission. Marvel finally stepped put of their child friendly box and created something that adults will love and children will envy. Deadpool is funny, it’s gory, and it is dense with jokes that are seriously funny, not just I-should-laugh-because-everyone-else-is-laughing funny.

In fact, if you don’t believe me (which why wouldn’t you) all you have to do is take a look at the numbers. Deadpool broke the record for highest grossing R-rated movie with an opening weekend box office intake of $150 million in four days. That’s beyond astounding when you consider that it only cost $58 million to make the movie in the first place. That sounds like a big number for a movie but as someone who once worked in the film industry, allow me to put that in perspective for you. Having $58 million dollars to create a high level CGI movie wherein you also have to pay for licensing of other comic characters is like walking into Tiffany & Co. with $100 — don’t expect to get much.

Deadpool surpasses expectations with its visual effects and slick ass writing. I am actually jealous of the screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick for coming up with one liners that made a crowded Monday night theater laugh out loud repeatedly.

But let’s pretend for a second that you, my new friend, are on of the few people that doesn’t like comics or superhero movies. Lucky for you, it’s more than just the best movie I’ve seen since Creed (I’m not crying, you’re crying). Deadpool also functions as a romantic comedy. It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy gets bad news, girl stands by her man, boy accidentally becomes worst superhero ever, girl serves as plot device for boy’s major character arc. Can’t you just feel the good vibes already?

Morena Baccarin stars alongside Reynolds as Vanessa, the film’s leading lady and love interest. Although if you ask Dopinder there’s only one leading lady in the world and her name is Gita (Sorry, had to drop a movie joke.). Vanessa serves as the typical superhero girlfriend, if not slightly more helpful. On a scale of MaryJane to Barbra Gordon she’s about a level beneath Lois Lane when Clark first came to the Daily Planet. While it would have been ideal for Vanessa to be more badass and less damsel in distress I find that I wasn’t totally disappointed because the film gave me two other awesome women to spend time with, which is truly a blessing in a genre dominated by male characters.

All in all, Deadpool serves not only as  great movie to go see with your friends, but a fun movie to see with your romantic partner. I can’t comment enough on how funny the film is from start to finish and how endearing I found the relationship between Wade Wilson (Deadpool’s real name) and his friends. I also promise that if you use the dish soap Ajax, you will never look at it the same way after seeing this film.

Major spoiler ahead. Stop reading if you have not seen this film.

What I appreciated most about this movie is that it was true to the style of the Deadpool comic, even after the credits rolled. You’ll hear a lot of people say that there are two bonus scenes at the end of the movie and being a Marvel nerd that got me excited. In reality, it’s just one scene cut in the center of Deadpool doing his thing and announcing that there will in fact be a sequel and in that sequel we will get to meet the character Cable! If you know anything about Cable, feel free to take your guess at who should play him in the comments section below.


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Marvel Hits R-Rated Goldmine with Deadpool -

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