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A Letter to All Minorities: From Your Straight, White, Male Ally You are not alone.

A Letter to All Minorities: From Your Straight, White, Male Ally -

A little bit of background on me – I am a white male in my late twenties from an upper middle class family. I was raised in an affluent suburb in the North East of the United States. The town that I grew up in is primarily made up of upper and upper middle class white people and leans mostly conservative on the political scale. I would consider myself to be a lapsed Catholic and I enjoy learning about all religions and cultures. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in many different areas of this nation, as well as abroad. I hold two degrees and I have always held a strong interest in politics and various fields of history. I’m a registered Independent and I would say that I am a true moderate in the overall sense of the word. I tend to lean left on social and domestic issues, to the right on economic issues, and typically fall somewhere in the middle on international issues.

I have great respect for the Constitution and founding principles of the United States of America, but I also recognize that they were formed and recorded at a time much different from the one we are currently living in. Once I was of voting age I chose not to vote in the election between Barack Obama and John McCain because I was too doubtful about then Senator Obama’s experience level and although I liked McCain’s historical political record – he had gone off the rails entirely under pressure from the rest of the GOP during his Presidential run (Sarah Palin? Really John? I still cringe when I remember she was a VP nominee to this day). I did vote for President Obama when he ran for re-election because I believe he was working towards a greater societal good, even though his policies hit my family and I hard, financially speaking. Finally, I just want to make clear that I’m going to speak my mind openly on all of my entries. OK, enough about me, now to the issue at hand…


The fundamental principles on which The United States of America are based are under attack from within its own elected President and his abhorrent mess of an administration. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much damage Trump was going to do in his first 30 days in office, yet here we are. This is a man who peddled nothing but snake oil covered in horse shit to the American public over the course of the last several years and throughout his election campaign, and somehow an astounding amount of people ate it up and asked for another serving.

Trump has failed to release his tax returns repeatedly, at first lying about why he could not do so, and then flatly refusing to do so. The only possible reasons for this, in my opinion, are that…

  1. He is not worth nearly as much as he claims he is and
  2. He never actually gave a penny to veteran charities despite claiming to be a generous donor.

He has single-handedly set civil rights back 30 years within 30 days. If I didn’t know for a fact that he is inept and idiotic I’d say that he was an evil genius. But anyone with eyes, ears, and half of a brain can clearly see that he is nothing more than a pompous moron who was born with a whole set of silver spoons in his shit spewing pie hole. He is driven purely by narcissism. His need for attention and approval is such that he must delude himself into believing all people worship him despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

This is a man who peddled nothing but snake oil covered in horse shit to the American public…

To be honest I don’t have enough time in the day to delve into what a despicable human being he is. It was well-known to anyone who lived in the New York Metro area and paid attention to his dealings over the course of the past few decades. It is an absolute travesty that he could hoodwink such a large portion of the public into believing that he is capable of running the country in any positive manner. For once, I agree with Trump in placing blame on the media – they allowed him to reach into our homes and prey on the ugly prejudices and misguided fears harbored by the more loathsome factions of our society.

Trump has only been in office for a short time, yet in his first month in office I have felt more afraid for the people I care about, the nation, and indeed the world than I have at any point in my entire life. Personally, I have much less to fear than others. As a straight, white, upper class (lapsed) Catholic male I’m the last person who needs to worry about my personal safety or my rights being infringed upon. But I have an LBGTQ family member whom I love very dearly. I have close friends of all different religions, races, sexual and gender identities. I fear for their well-being. I fear that the hatred Trump has stirred up among the less desirable portions of our population will cause violence and harm to come to them. I fear that they will suffer the loss of their civil rights, rights which millions of brave and resolute men and women scratched tooth and nail to win. I fear that they will lose their natural rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness; rights which millions of brave and resolute men and women fought and died for over the course of this nation’s history. On a global scale, I fear that Trump’s brazen and idiotic stance on nuclear arms and international relations could lead to a third world war in which weapons of mass destruction wreak catastrophic destruction upon the earth and its people. These big picture issues are only scraping the surface of the many fears which now keep me up at night.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that you are not alone. The hatred and vitriol being spewed by Trump and his cronies do not speak for the majority of the good people in this nation and the world. We can and will overcome the regressive nature of his policies and actions together. We must.

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A Letter to All Minorities: From Your Straight, White, Male Ally -

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