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Killer Kettlebell Workout

Killer Kettlebell Workout -

When I say killer, I literally mean that this almost killed me because my heart rate shot up so high. Granted, I did this workout after a half hour of circuit training so I was already tired, but it’s absolutely something my fit friends are going to adore.

I originally spotted this workout on the Men’s Health website. Just to be clear, I read MH for the exercise programs and tips and not for the photos of shiny muscular men. I promise.

If you’re a lady who is at all into fitness, no matter what level, be sure to look at programs and workouts that are not just geared towards women. Women are often time shortchanged in the fitness world when it comes to work out programs. I mean how many squat challenges are we expected to do before the world is happy with our asses? So try different things! You need your upper body to carry groceries and nice strong shoulders to bear the weight of gender discrimination. Core is also important. But I’m not going to preach about core because my midsection is about as strong as a cup of jello. The point is, don’t feel weird about skimming men’s fitness magazines or spending time in the weight section at your gym.

Anywho, all you’ll need for this workout is your trusty kettlebell. If you don’t have one then I recommend going down to your local Target or Modell’s and picking out one in a color of your choice. I got mine from Target and it weighs 10lbs, since I’ve been working on my strength for a while now I’ll be getting a heavier one soon. If you want the one I have now, drop a comment below and I’ll mail it to you. Seriously.

Once you’ve got your kettlebell, put yourself in an area with lots of space as you will need it. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and begin the rep by performing 20 kettlebell swings. If you’re not familiar with this motion, the MH website has several pointers on how to properly execute. Form is VERY important when using a kettlebell as you can easily hurt your back with a poor swing.

After the 20 swings, place the kettlebell in your left hand and perform a suitcase carry for 30 seconds. If you don’t have a timer, do what I did and just walk across the room. A suitcase carry is exactly what it sounds like, carry the kettlebell like a suitcase. Repeat your 20 swings and then do a suitcase carry in the right hand. This is your first rep.

Perform the rep 10-20 times or as many times as you can in 30 minutes. I’ll be honest, the first time I tried this workout I stopped after 3 reps and switched to something a little easier. I do plan to go back to it as soon as I gather my courage.

So try this out and let me know how many reps you can manage before that killer feeling overtakes you. Have fun!

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Killer Kettlebell Workout -

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