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August Astrology: It’s Written in the Stars August Astrology Forecast

August Astrology: It's Written in the Stars -
MissMuslim is thrilled to welcome Astrologer and Founder of QueerCosmos, Colin Bedell, as a contributing writer to our team. He and our Spiritual Blogger, Jehan, will be joining cosmic forces to bring you monthly star-forecasts. Colin is the astro-brainiac behind all this. Jehan is just here to throw Islamic shade to prevent the haram police from staging a revolution. Isn’t that the usual dynamic between a Gemini (Colin) and Capricorn (Jehan)? Gemini is the communicative genius and Capricorn is the lady boss (read, bossy lady – just delegating). Welcome to our new 1st of the month installment!

Written by Colin Bedell and Jehan Mansy

It’s the second half of 2017’s Eclipse Season! The New Moon in Leo (July 23rd) brought about dramatic energy – we wouldn’t expect anything less from Leo. We start off the month with a full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius, August 7th. A powerful emotional time to embrace and honor your uniqueness. Jupiter will square Pluto which is fancy Astro talk for, you will feel a burst of energy to drive home your personal goals for success. Don’t let this surge of energy affect your relationships, though. We’ll be feeling more reactive than usual, so exercise as much impulse control as you can. Remain mindful that the energy will be potent in the 3 days leading up to this transit and 3-4 days afterwards. A lunar eclipse is always attached to a full moon and marks thematic endings of your life. This is a completion or transition of the Leo Lunar eclipse’s themes back on February 10th 2017. What have you set in motion since then? You’ll notice a continuation of that story.

The Universe will continue to test you with the same test, until you’ve learned your lesson.

Eclipses are the equivalent to a soap opera in the stars. We have to go through these shake ups for our growth. Eclipses are meant to demolish what is not working and provoke us to make a change. If something is demolished, you won’t be terribly surprised. The Universe whispers to us the circumstances that we need to let go of, but we don’t always like to listen. So, that’s when it likes to veto. As if this didn’t already give you heart palpitations, you’ll love this: eclipses come in pairs. This does not mean you should join the witness protection program and go into hiding for the month of August. For the Cynical Cathy’s: not everyone feels every eclipse. It depends on where it falls in your chart and at what mathematical degree it resonates.

As if a lunar eclipse wasn’t intense enough, later this month, we have a solar eclipse on the 21st of August. It’s the most total solar eclipse America has seen since 1979. A solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids – it signifies beginnings. Typically, solar eclipses are the bearer of good news and positive blessings: engagement, marriage, birth, or work promotion. The main Leo theme(s) for this solar eclipse are: success, honor, wealth, influence, but also potential loss and downfall. We will see how it affects our President and the United States of America itself, as this hits both the natal chart of Donald Trump and the United States. Without a doubt, something significant is going to happen regarding our beloved country, so pay political attention during the week of the 21st.

Manifest what you wish to and release what no longer serves you.

We have been preparing ourselves for this cosmic shower since the beginning of the year, with the following planets retrograding: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Pluto, and, lastly, Neptune. This has allowed so much to be brought to light. From political scandals (hello, Russia) to out of the blue divorces, truth has been revealed and what was hidden has been resurfacing. If you have embraced the darkness and confronted your inner demons, you have been waiting for this month of relief.

Allow this energy from the new moon/solar eclipse to amplify your confidence to make bold changes in your life. I suggest working on increasing your intuition (through mindfulness), self awareness, and your new professional and personal goals. We couldn’t have been blessed with a more perfect solar alignment to break outdated behavioral patterns. Manifest what you wish to and release what no longer serves you. This eclipse shower will provide you with growth. Naturally, old patterns will not hold vibration within you anymore, so allow who and what needs to fall off to fall. Trust (Tawakul) in yourself, the Universe, and the Divine. Adjust your crown and get your throne polished, it’s going to be one hell of a ride this month.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is ruled by Prophet Idris (Enoch), and is placed in the fourth station of heaven. He was credited for devoting his time to studying Ancient Mysticism.

How will you follow in his footsteps?
What can you learn from spirituality that will enhance your soul makeover?  

Islamic mindfulness tip: read Surah Maryam and chant Al-Noor (Light).

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August Astrology: It's Written in the Stars -

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