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Islamophobia is not a Medical Condition It can be treated with education, not medication.

Islamophobia is not a Medical Condition -

It is not uncommon for the Muslim community in the U.S. and around the world to experience verbal hatred and sometimes even physical displays of disdain and contempt in regards to our faith. That does not mean it is justifiable, or that it ‘gets old’, if it happens often. Most recently, we experienced hatred through the murder of a young woman. Yet, according to several news platforms, officials dealing with the horrible crime are having some difficulty categorizing it for what it truly is – a hate crime and an act of terrorism against Muslims. Instead, it’s being investigated in the “Road Rage” category, alongside the lost souls of Deah, Yusur, and Razan in Chapel Hill, which apparently happened over a parking spot, when in reality it was an undisguised act of hate.

Nabra Hassanen (say her name.), a 17-year-old girl, was out with friends at night for a bite to eat and to go to the mosque to attend prayers before another long day of fasting began in the month of Ramadan. This isn’t unusual for Muslims to do during Ramadan, so the excuse that “Nabra was in the wrong place at the wrong time” cannot be used. She was targeted because of who she was, and what she was wearing on her head—a hijab. But what really infuriates me, and what is and should be most upsetting to Muslims, is that an event targeting a Muslim, or even an African American (Remember the Charleston Church shooting?), is determined to be a result of someone who is dealing with a mental disorder or has claimed temporary insanity rather than being motivated by bigotry.

In another event targeting the Muslim community, a man plowed through a group of Muslim worshipers in London during Ramadan, where one victim died, and many were injured. Unfortunately, the citizens of this neighborhood in London, Finsbury Park, have said that they were not surprised this happened. Why? Because it was expected. Violent manifestations of outright hatred towards Muslims has been happening everywhere, as exemplified by the fact that this concentrated cluster of Muslims were on edge and expecting an attack on their safety, homes, and their faith. Not only is this appalling to consider that the people who are in their own safe place are on edge and ready to be attacked and hurt simply for what they practice, but even worse is that nothing was done or is being done to protect them from potential harm.

It brings us to ask a few questions like, why wasn’t the murder of Nabra considered a hate crime? Isn’t any attack on a human an attack on all of humanity? A young Muslim woman who was brutally beaten, potentially raped (according to recent headlines), thrown in the trunk of a car, and dumped in a pond is not considered a hate crime?

The political and social climate in the U.S. since November 2016 has not been in favor of any Muslim man or woman because the hatred has officially been normalized on national television by the new leader of the Free World. Similarly, the political climate and hatred has washed over the seas and seeped into other countries, further releasing negativity and prejudice. Placing a ban on Muslims was just the first step and now the murder of “them” (us) is going to be the tip of the iceberg. The systematic spread of this ‘disease’ known as Islamophobia has begun and it is far from over. So, since the plague has manifested, we may as well cover the symptoms that are apparent when possibly experiencing this ludicrous “sickness” and the remedies that can be used to approach it when trying to get rid of latent bigotry.



CURE: Acceptance and Open-Mindedness

That’s it.

It is pretty transparent when it is sarcastically illustrated as such – Islamophobia is not an excuse and it is most definitely not a medical condition that can be rationally explained. It is simply the fact that someone is so engrossed in the superiority of their own race, religion, and culture that they are closed off to the idea of letting others practice at their own peace and free will. In other words, the ignorance that is exhibited when someone claims that they are an ‘Islamophobe’ really just means that they believe their way of life to be above any other way. They suffer from this extreme issue where they must get rid of their object of hatred.

Placing a ban on Muslims was just the first step and now the murder of “them” (us) is going to be the tip of the iceberg.

This is the 21st Century ‘shot heard ‘round the world’. The people in the “Land of the Free” are not free anymore. They are shackled by discrimination, racism, and hate. Nabra – may God have mercy on her soul – was a victim of this hatred. Many have been victims of this hatred before her. This was a blow to Islam and all who follow the faith. The silencing of the inferior is happening yet again in history, just like it has time and time again. If anyone recalls, hate crimes took place before towards targeted races because they did not coincide with the supremacy and established predetermined hierarchy of the world. This is not a time to simply offer condolences, but it is time for a reality and social attitude check — if you claim to be experiencing symptoms of “Islamophobia,” please be aware that you do not need to see a physician. You just need an education.

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Islamophobia is not a Medical Condition -

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