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A Guide to Great Skin Using Essential Oils

A Guide to Great Skin Using Essential Oils -

Suffering from a headache? There is an essential oil for that!

Experiencing difficultly digesting food? There is an essential oil for that!

Having trouble sleeping? Yep, you guessed it, there’s an essential oil for that, too.


Essential oils have come a long way in the last decade in discovering multiple benefits for your skin. There’s an essential oil for just about every health and beauty concern these days.

Skin issues are common among men and women. Ranging from puberty to adulthood – skin problems can flare up at any time, for any reason. Luckily – there are a few essential oils for different concerns you might have. Here are my top picks…

Carrot Seed Oil

It has an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin. Carrot Seed oil helps smooth out your skin and provide cell regeneration. Grab some unscented oil the next time you are at your local Target, use about 4-6 drops as a moisturizer, and there you have it, the perfect skin rejuvenating lotion to use on these cold and dry winter nights.

Lavender Oil

This is my top, ‘go to’ essential oil for calming and relaxing benefits. It also works wonders on the skin by reducing the appearance of sun spots, scarring and aging skin.  Lavender Oil not only helped my skin after my battle with acne when I was younger, but also works A Guide to Great Skin Using Essential Oils -for my restless sleep. I deposit 6-8 drops in my diffuser about 45-60 minutes before bed. This not only makes my room smell amazing, but also creates a calming atmosphere giving me a more well-rested sleep.

Neroli Oil

Great for oily, maturing skin and helps fight fine lines and wrinkles.  My 63-year-old mother looks like she is 45 and has been using this for years! Remember it’s our little secret! Just like the Carrot Oil. you can place 4-6 drops into an unscented facial lotion and apply twice daily-once in the morning before applying your make up and once in the evening before bed.

Rose Hip Oil

This oil is fantastic for dry and aging skin. Its main job is to help refine skin texture and tone. Next time you see Rose Hip Oil at your local health food market, grab all of them! No, seriously do it, you will thank me later!

Peppermint Oil

Gives the body a cooling sensation and calming effect, which can relieve sore muscles, headaches and believe it or not a variety of digestive problems such as IBS, indigestion or heartburn.  For muscles, simply rub a few drops on the area and allow the oil to absorb. You will see the pain and discomfort diminish.  The next time you have a headache, add a couple of drops of peppermint oil on each side of your temples and a couple drops on the back of your neck leading to your hair line. Not only will it calm you, but also allow that headache to disappear within minutes..that’s right I said minutes.  The next time you have indigestion or cramps from your menses, add a couple of drops of peppermint oil into your water or tea and allow it to work its magic.

Tea Tree Oil

Saving the best for last! As stated before, I battled with acne for over 5 years, through my college and early adult years. Tea tree oil worked like magic for my acne. I remember seeing every dermatologist around searching for solutions. Many of them would prescribe antibiotics and recommend facial cleansers, which would work for the time being, but the acne would eventually come back, stronger and inflamed.  After trying so many products and medications, I remember my aunt dropping off some tea tree oil to me and said “what do you have to lose? Try it.” She was right! Since then, I never looked back! It has antibacterial properties that keep acne causing bacteria away, and is gentle enough to help in the healing process.

So the next time you hear your friends asking about natural skincare oils or come across any essential oils at a local health food store, you can keep these “essential” essential oils in mind. And remember, my secrets to healthy looking skin no matter what age or issue!

Give it a try!

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A Guide to Great Skin Using Essential Oils -

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