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Get “Ramadan Ready” For Your Toddler Making this special part of the year festive for your little one!

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

The most festive part of the year is fast approaching for fellow Muslims everywhere – Ramadan will be upon us in nearly 3 weeks! That’s just enough time to get “Ramadan Ready” for your little ones! Making the month festive in the home helps toddlers and children understand and feel the spirit of Ramadan all the more.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed by Muslims worldwide by fasting. The significance of Ramadan is that it is the month when the revelation of the Holy Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It’s a beautiful month which is celebrated with lots of family gatherings, yummy food, and a great time to reflect upon our blessings through prayer.

It has always been a very special month for me as I hold onto many childhood memories and I have always wanted to pass along this festive feel to my children. Last year – though my son was only 9 months old and not understanding too much yet – I was eager and excited about incorporating the importance of Ramadan into his life. Here are some great ideas that moms (and dads) everywhere can incorporate into the home this Ramadan to get your little loved ones involved and as excited as you are!

It’s a beautiful month which is celebrated with lots of family gatherings, yummy food, and a great time to reflect upon our blessings through prayer.

Order Ramadan related children’s books!

My son has always had a love for books and I figured one of the best and easiest things I could do was to order some Ramadan related books for him. We found some great ones off of Amazon.  Out of the few that I ordered, Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors was my personal favorite. Not only does it have a great story but the photos are beautiful and visually stimulating for your child.

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -
Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -Another exciting addition to the Ramadan book collection this year is one that is selling out faster than you can type in your credit card number. It’s Ramadan Curious George is a book that I would highly recommend for children of any age as it incorporates a well known and beloved character with the lessons of a beloved month. It also has such a cute story! Plus – what kids don’t like monkeys?

Make some fun DIY craft projects to decorate the home!

This part was a lot of fun! My husband thought I was crazy because he didn’t understand why I was going all out when our son was still so young. However, I think I’m even more appreciative this year because I made these fun DIY items and I only have to add a few more new things this year to keep the collection growing. Here are some photos of the set up that I did downstairs in our living room.
Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

The Ramadan Mubarak banner was printed on card stock at Office Depot – I was able to find a website where I could download the template for free and simply go in and print, cut, punch holes, and string a ribbon through them to get this beautiful banner together! The website that I found this banner on is no longer in service, unfortunately. However, I did a quick search and found another option by the same company that is super cute! Click here for the link to make a banner that is similar! And of course, if you do make an amazing banner of your own, be sure to share it with us on social media by using the hashtag #MissMuslimRamadan, we love to see what our creative readers are up to.

The white lanterns that you see hanging under the banner are actuGet "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -ally made from cloth doilies. I found a fun DIY off of Pinterest to make these. The cloth doilies were found cheapest off of eBay. These did take some time and patience but they were well worth the work! Unfortunately though, as they hung on the string throughout last Ramadan – the fabric did stretch so they aren’t perfectly round lanterns anymore, but I will see if I can fix them up again for this year. Here is a closer look at process of making the doilies.

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

We added battery powered tea light candles in them to make them glow – I absolutely loved these! If you choose to add light – please be mindful of fire hazards and ONLY use battery powered tea lights. They were so pretty and well worth the efforts to make! Click here to find the instructions on how to make these.

I also loved the idea of making a countdown board til Mikayil’s 1st Eid last year. There are many ready made ones out there on the market now on Etsy if you wish to save time. I bought a wood plaque from a craft store and painted the middle area with chalkboard paint and the sides with gold paint (use painters tape to line and to paint the middle area first). It turned out beautifully and I was able to write with chalk on it and change the numbers on the countdown every day. You can purchase a similar wood plaque here. Below is a picture of the final product (with my handsome little man – mashallah).

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

I added our collection of Ramadan books on an easel next to this set up to make it feel cozier and also added some decor pieces from around the house in this area and it came together beautifully!Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

This year, I do plan to add more to this – in particular, string lights as I know my son will be thrilled to see them. Mom’s with toddler like myself – I would advise to set things up a bit higher and out of reach – I know I will have to change it up a bit this year since my son loves to get into things now.

The last thing we did downstairs was add these beautiful star and crescent glitter plaques to our staircase. You can purchase these here.

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

It was so much fun creating these extra touches for our family room. I also thought it would be a great idea to add some decor to his crib area. Here is what I came up with!
I found the moon and star garland here and spray painted it gold. I do wish this garland was made of a different material as the felt kept absorbing the gold spray paint but it still worked.

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

Next up is my DIY Ramadan Mubarak burlap wreath that I created with some nice peacock colored accents and feathers to match our home decor.

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -This wreath was a bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it – it is fairly easy. I would advise you to search a few YouTube videos on how to make the burlap wreath – I watched probably 3-4 before I understood how to wea
ve the burlap through properly. I found burlap ribbon at a local craft store along with the rest of the supplies needed to make this wreath. I added the accents onto the wreath with a hot glue gun and finished it with a ribbon to hang it.

Prepare some fun activities at the time of breaking fast!

I ran across this Ramadan/Advent Calendar on Pinterest. I absolutely love the idea!Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

Basically, it’s a countdown until Eid with little boxes that you can enclose a small gift and a good deed for your toddler to do every day at the time of breaking fast. You can read in detail about this particular concept here. This is just one of the many inspirations that are available online that would work well with toddlers.

I hope you all enjoy making these small projects like I did for my son. And insh’Allah this post has helped you all get in the festive spirit for Ramadan! There are so many more inspirations and ideas out there to make Ramadan festive for our children. The best source of inspiration is Pinterest and if you wish to purchase some ready made items due to time constraints, you can find some great options off of Etsy. Let’s get busy mama’s! We only have 3 weeks to get our homes ready for the beautiful month to come!

Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

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Get "Ramadan Ready" For Your Toddler -

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