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From Plaid to Prada: Times Are Changing

From Plaid to Prada: Times Are Changing -

I have not been able to write my weekly Plaid to Prada column due to the horrific image recently released out of Syria. In fact, I do not feel like it would even be appropriate to bask in humor or happiness, today. I cannot bring my heart to find joy, when there are innocent people being massacred and I am sitting idly by, watching. Therefore, this week’s Plaid to Prada is a piece on how to channel the energy towards humanity.

Like the rest of the world, I am deeply moved by the recent photo of Omran, the Syrian toddler found bloodied and defenseless. It is another day and another devastating story out of Syria. When will it end? I’m not asking from a political standpoint. This is no longer an issue about politics. It’s a humanitarian issue. When will we [humanity] stop the bloodshed and learn to live together with compassion?

Every one on this planet must take the journey to discover him/herself intellectually and spiritually, in order to reach the state of compassion. What would happen if all of the world leaders exercised a form of spirituality? Would we have a global humanitarian crises? No. We would have a planet embodied in love, honesty and mercy.

Yes, this is an entirely idealistic point of view and highly unrealistic. But it’s not completely unattainable. It takes one person to start the change for a ripple effect. It takes one individual to realize he/she wants to live a positive, purposeful and enriching life. By making this dedication and living your life in this manner, you can encourage those around you to do the same.

Humanity is not something that can be taught through religion. It is already a thread woven within us from our Creator. It unites us when we feel for another who is suffering. It is the same knot we tie when we share in another’s happiness. We are wired to care deeply for one another. Our roots are fundamental to our existence. We have been detangled from this birth right due to being conditioned by societal and family restrictions. This entanglement is what gave life to human suffering, inequality, war and conflict.

Currently, we are living in immeasurable trying times. Whether from the streets of Cleveland, Ohio where a teenage boy was shot dead in broad daylight because of the color of his skin, to the shores of Turkey, where children are being washed away to eternity — we are on the brink of a global awakening. How will we react? We can certainly remain in the stubborn patterns of the old mentality, where we are trapped in our ego and living life out of fear. But what has this caused us? It resulted in the largest 21st century genocide, the Holocaust. Followed by the Deir Yassin massacre, the Cold War, Vietnam War, Indonesian bloodbath, and so fourth. These universal atrocities were a result of an old age mentality, to rule with an iron fist. To rule out of ego, hatred and fear.

If you are empathic, like me, and you are deeply moved by inhumane enormity, then please join me in surrendering. Surrender to your own ego and treat one another with kindness, compassion and mercy. Not just for us, but for others. We have the power to change the world; it only requires us to start within.

Are you in limbo with a significant other but are holding back on taking the first step and reconnecting, because you feel that he/she should be the one to reach out first? That’s your ego talking. Pick up the phone and call.

Have you been estranged from your family member for so long that you have actually forgotten what the argument was about? Pick up the phone and call.

Do you find yourself keeping a distance from your neighbor because he/she is an immigrant? Start to get to know one another by dialogue. Be open to learning and accepting one’s difference.

The Quran illustrates the phases of the moon and the depth of the constellation. Further, we understand, from science, that the planets emit energy that is felt down to our cellular level. Therefore, we are able to act in accordance with both the Quran and science, to channel the energy for greater good. Thursday’s full moon in Aquarius is monumental in shifting what no longer serves us.

I felt this enormously the past week, myself, as I surrendered to my own ego and placed a long awaiting phone call. The energy of the full moon radiates four days prior and four days afterwards. This moon’s energy has not been easy as it’s forcing us to confront the imbalances in our lives. However, the benefit of this being an Aquarian moon, is it brings liberation. Surrender to any negative thoughts and patterns that are holding you back. Give more attention to praying for those suffering around the world, to find peace and security.

Aquarius full moon helps us see the bigger picture. Coordinate your prayers with the current phase of the moon in order to produce a more powerful outcome. Syria continues to bleed. America continues to be divided. We are on the brink of electing a man who embodies everything that history told us does not work. Let compassion prevail. Hold space tonight; take advantage of the moon’s energy and your own consciousness to effectuate change. In prayer, think of the less fortunate. Hold a vigil to send light to those who are in need. Trust and believe that our Creator hears our collective call and delivers our answers.

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From Plaid to Prada: Times Are Changing -

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