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Four Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

Adulting is hard. A horrible job will make it even harder. Statistically speaking, women have a harder time than men demanding things they want both personally and professionally. This is also true when it comes to walking away from toxic situations. And if you think this doesn’t apply to you, think back on your relationships. Ever spent a few extra weeks with a guy because you didn’t wanna leave first and be the jerk?

It’s the same with your job.

Sometimes the most toxic relationship you’ll have will be with your 9-5 (or in my case for a while it was a 10-10). It’s not a crime to walk away from a job that does not fulfill you or efficiently pay your bills. What you’re getting should be equal to what you’re giving.

Here are key signs that it’s time to say bye, bye, bye to your current boss.

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

1. Coffee Never Makes it Better.

Everyone has a vice. For some it’s coffee, for others it’s a bottle of the red stuff. You know it’s time to quit your job when you’re abusing your vice to make the days go by easier and it’s still not helping. You shouldn’t be drinking three cups of coffee to get through one work day. If you are doing that, then not only are you rotting your insides, but you’re going to have horrible breath.

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

I once worked at a publication where I spent an entire video conference kicking back a bottle of wine. I didn’t even have a cup. Problem much? I quit about two months later. Your job should not be the cause of your addiction to whatever your vice is.

2. Everyday is Monday.

Not every day at your office should suck. If you wake up in the morning and Google rare diseases to tell your boss that you have them so you can avoid the work day – then it’s time to quit.

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

It’s normal to not feel like going back to work after a nice weekend. But if by Wednesday you aren’t content to be sitting at your desk then there’s a serious problem.

3. You’ve Got a Foolproof Plan to Kill Your Co-workers.

One of my earliest plans was to slip something into the lunches. I wasn’t even going to take everyone out. It would just be this one guy in a department that I didn’t really work in, but still had to deliver lunch to. Now I am a HUGE fan of crime shows. But if you’re watching crime shows to figure out how you can be better than that criminal . . .  yeah. Problem.

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

Co-workers that you can deal with are a big part of job health. Few things are worse than getting into the office and feeling your skin crawl because “Patrick from accounting” said good morning. I’m not saying you need to love everyone at your job but I suggest working at a location where you don’t want to go on a murdering spree. At worst you should just want to slap a couple people. This is especially important if you work with children. I don’t want to see any of you on a news report because you snapped and decided to beat up a particularly whiny kid. I can’t bail you out from that.

4. Unemployment Pays More Than Your 40 Hour Work Week.

Your time is valuable. No matter what industry you’re in, you should be getting a fair and livable wage.

Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

If your paycheck can hardly cover a burrito bowl at Chipotle then you’re left with two options: ask for more money or leave. The sad thing about this is that a lot of employers would rather fire someone and find new cheap labor than adhere to labor laws. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve lived it. I was working 12 hour days and still had trouble paying for my metro cards to get to and from work between covering loan payments and life expenses.

Now while I firmly stand behind quitting a job where they treat you like crap, I also believe in being able to feed yourself. Don’t walk away from your job without having something to walk towards. As soon as you identify one of these signs, start sending out your resume and sharpening your interview suit.

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Four Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job -

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