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Expired & Fabulous: Mama’s Boys Girl Talk, Real Talk - I Ain't Your Mama

Expired & Fabulous: Mama's Boys -

Let’s be honest… no woman wants a Mama’s Boy! Well, let me rephrase that – no woman wants a man who’s so attached to his mother that he ignores all of his partner’s logical thinking in place of his illogical mother. That’s not a relationship – that’s hell.

Now, Mama’s Boys don’t have to be living at home to be a Mama’s Boy, although a lot of the time they are. Many actually live “independently,” yet still keep that umbilical cord long and strong. Unlike FuckBoys, Mama’s Boys are easily recognized. It usually starts with “Gosh you remind me of my mom,” and then there’s a “You don’t cook like my mom,” and then you’re sitting on your honeymoon with Mommy Dearest sunbathing next to you because she wanted to remind your man that he promised her a trip to Cancun.

Most people would say – RUN! But, I believe Mama’s Boys have a lot of great features that make them very desirable candidates for a partner because from a very young age they learn how to respect and value a woman’s heart and happiness. However, nobody wants a man who runs to mommy for everything, including and especially for approval. That’s not a man… that’s a Mama’s Boy.

Here are some of the signs you’re with a Mama’s Boy and how to handle some of the situations you might find yourself in.

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Expired & Fabulous: Mama's Boys -

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