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Expired & Fabulous: Fuckboys Girl Talk, Real Talk.

Expired & Fabulous: Fuckboys -
Girl Talk, Real Talk is a weekly web series by Faiza Rammuny of Expired & Fabulous. To submit questions or topics that you’d like to see discussed on MissMuslim – be sure to contact Faiza at [email protected].


Fuckboys are one of the main reasons many women face “heartbreak.” Or so you believe it’s heartbreak until you realize they weren’t worth it.

I’ve heard countless women claim that if they had only known the signs of when a man is deserves the Fuckboy label, they would have steered clear of him from the start. Are there early detectible signs of when your new fling has “man child” syndrome?  Can you change a Fuckboy? Are they worth your time?

Here is the second Episode of Girl Talk, Real Talk that aims to highlight some of the warning signs to look out for in the dating world, and what to do the moment you notice them.

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Expired & Fabulous: Fuckboys -

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