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ESEPOP: Green Tea+Milk = Pink How to prepare Shir Chai

ESEPOP: Green Tea+Milk = Pink -

ESEPOP: Green Tea+Milk = Pink -

It`s so cold outside – so obviously it’s time to get your cozy socks and your sweatpants on and enjoy a hot cup of Shir Chai. Shir Chai, also called Noon Chai, Kashmiri tea, pink tea, and Gulabi Chai, is a traditional tea beverage from Kashmir that became popular in Afghan culture. My Afghan grandmother always prepares this tea in the morning with breakfast, and some people drink it 2-3 a day! Its taste can be described as some magical combination of tea and hot chocolate. It might take you a little more effort to prepare than the average cup of tea – the green tea concentrate to be specific – but it is well worth it, I promise. And the best part is that once it’s prepared you can store it for up to a week in the fridge


  1. Place cold water into the a small cooking pot and add the green tea and cardamom seeds to it.
  2. Brew it for 30 minutes with an open lid.
  3. Drain the liquid and the soda salt into the hot tea.
  4. Cool it off by juggling the concentrate between two containers until the green foam turns reddish.
  5. In a separate pot, boil the milk and add as much green tea concentrate as desired, or until the milk turns to a pinkish color.


OPTIONAL: Add some sugar to sweeten.


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ESEPOP: Green Tea+Milk = Pink -

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