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Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas Spread some holiday cheer with these budget-friendly, sweet, and simple handmade gifts

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

It’s that time of the year — gift giving season is officially upon us. As rad as the holidays can be, buying gifts for everyone on our Nice List can really add up and get hella expensive. Not to mention, finding the perfect gift can be damn near impossible, especially for that guy or gal who has everything.

So, this holiday season, why not get a little more personal and take a shot at making your own gifts? Not only are DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts more meaningful, but they’re also the best gift option for those of us on a budget! If you’re anything like me, and you actually love creating special handmade gifts for your favorite peeps, I’ve got ya covered. (Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a DIY diva or have a craft room full of supplies to create any of the gifts in this piece). But if you prefer sticking with the gift card route, or if you’re the two day shipping – drop off at your front door type,  you may want to read something else on MissMuslim today. (I hear they have some juicy reads over there in BaeWatch). This piece is for all of the MM readers who like to get a little crafty and put their hot glue gun to good use.

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

You don’t need to buy elaborate or expensive gifts to show your love and appreciation – it’s truly the thought that counts. Sometimes it’s those simple, heart-made gifts that make the biggest impact. Personally, I’ve always loved giving (and receiving) handmade gifts. Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but there is something extra special about a gift that someone took the time to put together with their very own hands that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. I just love how homemade gifts can always remind me of the person who gave them to me. The way a gift is presented can also make it that much more appealing and appreciated. Sometimes, they’re just too pretty to open, so I like to admire them for a good while and take pictures from all different angles before actually unwrapping them (I know, I’m weird).

Have I piqued your interest yet? If so, skip the holiday shopping madness this year and add that personalized touch with a little DIY magic. There are tons of unique and thoughtful ideas on Pinterest and DIY blogs that you should totally check out. But before doing that, keep scrolling to see my top 10 DIY super easy (like, super-duper easy), affordable gifts (with easy to find materials) that will be sure to spread some holiday cheer. Even better, they won’t even take up much of your precious time or energy at all. They’re also all great for last-minute gifting. I’ve tried my best to round up fun gifts from around the web that are suitable for beginners and will literally take less than ten bucks and ten minutes to make. You really can’t beat that! So, check out these full of charm, yet easy on the wallet DIY gift ideas below.

1. A Cozy Flannel Throw

This one is so quick and easy! Keep him or her comfy in the warmest way possible with this snuggly gift. You can purchase a throw for less than $10 nowadays. Just add a nice, thick ribbon and this colorful printable gift tag and you’re good to go.

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

 2. A Tea Wreath

This unique and functional wreath is perfect for any tea-lover in your life. What a beau-tea-ful way for her to display those tea bags during theses chilly winter months. It truly is an ohh-soo special gift that will warm her heart! Obviously, there are more steps involved in this craft than the snugly throw, but I promise it’s not hard to make at all as long as you’ve got a hot glue gun. I made this for my tea-obsessed 13 year old daughter last Christmas – she loved it! Follow the easy steps here.

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

3. Mani-Pedi in a Jar

It wouldn’t be DIY if it didn’t come in a jar, right? This darling gift is perfect for any gal you know who enjoys pampering herself. Fill up an extra large jar with some nail polish, polish remover, a nail file, and other cute essentials to pamper the fingers and toes. Add some cotton to the bottom of the jar to give it that snowball effect. Attach this festive custom designed gift tag that you can print here.Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

4. Spicy Ornaments

Spice up your gift giving game with this delicious gift. This one is perfect for the serious foodie in your life. Fill up food-safe ornaments (check out the craft stores) with a variety of spices and place them inside a cute container such as a picnic basket. Make this gift even more endearing by adding a simple recipe or two inside.

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

5. Cozy Socks

Keep him or her feeling warm and toasty all winter long with this thoughtful gift. All you need is a pair of funky cozy socks and this printable gift tag. Add a little bell and ribbon as an embellishment and you’ll be golden. Trust me, she’ll adore this gift! Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

6. Spa Bath in a Cup    

This is the ideal gift for the girl who needs to be reminded to slow down and indulge in a little “me time.” This DIY gift has a layer of Epsom salt on the bottom with a shower poof for the “whipped cream” and a little bottle of essential oil tucked in at the top. Finally, put all those empty Starbucks Frappuccino cups to use this year, add a little straw, and voilà! How scrumptious is this one?  Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

7. A Canister of Twizzlers

This cutie will be loved by that guy or gal in your life who has a major sweet tooth. Now, this is a great way to spread a little holiday cheer! And it’s as easy as berry pie to put together.

Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

8. Peppermint Sugar Scrub  

Give her the gift of relaxation this year. Sugar scrubs are the sweetest way to exfoliate, soften, and relieve one’s winter-dry skin. This gift in a jar is another perfect pamper-yourself idea for that special lady who loves body and skin care items. Check out the instructions to make your very own batch of peppermint sugar scrub here.Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

9. Popcorn Mix in a Jar

This poppin’ gift is for any movie lover you know and love. Fill up a Mason jar with kernels and add a little packet of cinnamon or white cheddar seasoning. To doll this gift up, top it off with a pretty ribbon around the jar’s lid. He or she will love this perfect snack for her next stay-at-home date night with her boo. This is the easiest gift in a jar ever!Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

I sure hope that I’ve been able to give you a little inspiration with going handmade this year. There’s no reason you can’t make these quick and easy one-of-a-kind DIY gifts, too. Give yourself a pat on the back for bringing some fresh new ideas and cheerful vibes into the gift giving season this year. And remember, presentation is key. This is just the beginning of the endless possibilities of festive DIY gifts out there. Enjoy!

Happy Holla Days, Fam!

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Easy-to-Make DIY Holiday Gift Ideas -

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