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I Don’t Give a Shit About Your Opinion on Guns If you think that's what this is about, you are the problem.

I Don't Give a Shit About Your Opinion on Guns -

There have been 52,415 cases* of gun related violence in America – in 2017.

13,158 of those incidents resulted in death.

611 of those deaths were of children ages 0-11.

3,079 Americans have died by cause of foreign-born terrorism since 1975 (victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and New York City vehicular attack have been included in this number).

There are been more deaths in the U.S. in 2017 alone related to domestic gun violence, than there has been due to terrorism in 42 years.

*The estimated 22,000 annual suicides-by-gun are not included in this number.

I don’t care about your opinion on guns.

I don’t care about whether or not you forgot that the Second Amendment was put into place for civilians to protect themselves against their government should their government be the direct cause of their danger and endangering the well being of their country – and that it’s not for shooting your fellow civilians if they piss you off.

I don’t care if you have guns or want guns. If you feel there is a need for you to keep a handgun in your home, you do you. But if you’re stable enough, and free of mental health issues where – should gun laws actually be put in place for once in this country – no one would come take your guns away, then why are you trippin’?

If you are perfectly capable of safely owning a handgun and can guarantee that no one will get hurt by your weapon because you will never have a “mental breakdown”, then why are you so against gun laws to make sure that that situation doesn’t happen with other people? Gun laws that could possibly prevent another 58 people at a festival from being gunned down by an automatic rifle ever again.

I don’t care about your opinion.

As a decent human being, you should understand that action should be taken in order to instill change. Change that would protect YOU and your loved ones. Change that is necessary in order for our country to not fall under militarization. So that our children do not have to walk through metal detectors and say hello to SWAT guards on their way into kindergarten.

Albert Einstein’s (arguably one of the smartest people to have walked this earth) definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

After Aurora, you sent your thoughts and prayers.
After Sandy Hook, you sent your thoughts and prayers. 
After Charleston, you sent your thoughts and prayers.
After Orlando, you sent your thoughts and prayers. 
After Vegas, you sent your thoughts and prayers. 
After San Antonio, you sent your thoughts and prayer.

We, as a nation, are insane.

How are you not exhausted from sending thoughts and prayers? And watching the same thing happen repeatedly just days later. We don’t even have time to recover from the last shooting before we’re hearing about the next one. And those are just the ones we hear about.

Don’t you think that, maybe, just maybe – God could use a little help in those prayers? A little action to help those prayers become a reality.

When someone has cancer, do you pray for them to be healed and skip the chemo and radiation and other treatments? No. You pray along side all of those potential cures. Does that patient opt out of those treatment options because, “Hey, you might still die anyway?” More often than not, they give the treatments a try. Prayers without action mean and do nothing. Faith without work is dead.

Your prayers do nothing for the families of the victims of these gun related attacks. Your prayers also do nothing for the future victims of gun related attacks. But, your prayers AND some gun reform AND some mental health programs could potentially do something for all of us. Doctors recognize the cancer and treat it accordingly. We need to recognize the problem and treat it accordingly.

If you can’t look past your obsession with guns in order to understand that people have been dying because of the wrong people getting a hold of guns, then you are a part of the problem. If you think it’s more important for you to own semi-automatic, and fully automatic weapons “just because” or “just in case” rather than protecting children and concert or movie goers, you are part of the problem. It is very possible to love guns, and believe in the right to uphold the Second Amendment, and still possess some common sense about what is happening in this country and being open to ways to fix our problem.

You literally just have to care about someone and something other than yourself.

Enough with the whole, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument. You’re right. A gun lying flat on a table does not cause harm to a person until that gun is picked up and its trigger is pulled. But it’s not a valid argument in the overall issue gun related deaths in this country. Nuclear weapons that are contained and not used don’t kill people. Nuclear weapons in possession of the wrong people, kill people. We don’t allow everyone to have access to nuclear weapons and have international regulations over them for a reason. It’s because nuclear weapons are dangerous and when in the wrong people’s hands, they cause danger to massive amounts of people. There is no difference between someone crazy possessing the “button” to a nuclear bomb than someone crazy in possession of an automatic killing machine. They are both weapons of mass destruction (by the very definition of WMD). And they both kill people when used. The other isn’t a frequent tragedy because of those laws and regulations set in place. Because we don’t allow just anyone to have them.

In order to see this in the proper light, and understand the severity of this issue in the U.S. you must value human life over politics, religion, and anything and everything else. You must put your own agendas and beliefs and material wants to the side – and understand that people are dying in unnecessarily large amounts at alarming rates because of a problem that we can fix, but are refusing to give the right attention to. I’m not even going to bring in race or religion – because that is an entirely separate topic. You just have to care about people.

You have to care for the 58+ families who lost a loved one because they went to have fun at a festival in Vegas. You have to care for the 20+ parents and families who lost their children because they went to school to learn in Connecticut. You have to care about the 324,000,000+ people living in the U.S. You literally just have to care about someone and something other than yourself.

I don’t care about your opinion on guns. I care about human life.

This issue isn’t about guns. It’s about human life, and how guns are stealing those lives, and about how apparently – we don’t really care about that.

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I Don't Give a Shit About Your Opinion on Guns -

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