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We Die Because of the Color of Our Skin

We Die Because of the Color of Our Skin -
Written by Tei

In the back of a cop car handcuffed,
Another black man is shot.
They say he shot himself.
This is a tale for Ripley’s Believe-It-or-Not.

A movement should be on its way,
Can I say this is the catalyst or starter?
From here on out I’ll name names,
This man’s name was Chavis Carter.

Lynching done not for justice,
Just because it was another man’s will.
A mother couldn’t recognize her own son’s face,
I speak of none other than Emmitt Till.

Assassination not of character but of body and spirit,
Who knows who will be next?
A Black Muslim is obtaining too much power
So put a hit out on Malcolm X.

Mom, I’m going out to get my brother an iced tea and skittles
I’ll hurry back because the movie will soon be starting.
This young brother never made it back
For George Zimmerman killed Treyvon Martin.

Driving while black,
To some it’s a big joke.
Wait until the bodies are counted
And see how many died from gun smoke.

Amadu Diallo carried nothing more than a wallet,
However the cop screamed he’s got a gun.
I believe an excess of 40 bullets were fired.
To kill a man I trust all you need is one.

A license wasn’t issued because of my complexion,
To warrant a second look in my direction.
I am a provider for my family
But am I the protector or do I need protection?

Today my fire was lit.
My patience has finally worn thin.
I didn’t start this war of attrition
But today, We Die Because of the Color of Our Skin.

Tei is the son of a Cherokee Woman and of a French-Haitian man. He refers to himself as a Native American and not as an African American, but an “African that was stolen away to America.”
He is first a father of many and a grandfather of many more. He is a proud man working his way through life, trying to make the planet better than when he received it.
A worker of New Jersey Transit by night (or day) and a Lyft driver by night (or day) – or by reservation.
He is a poet by circumstance and writes whatever life throws at him. He writes what he feels.

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