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December Astrology: New Awakening December Astrology Report

December Astrology: New Awakening -
MissMuslim is thrilled to welcome Astrologer and Founder of QueerCosmos, Colin Bedell, as a contributing writer to our team. He and our Spiritual Blogger, Jehan, will be joining cosmic forces to bring you monthly star-forecasts. Colin is the astro-brainiac behind all this. Jehan is just here to throw Islamic shade to prevent the haram police from staging a revolution. Isn’t that the usual dynamic between a Gemini (Colin) and Capricorn (Jehan). Gemini is the communicative genius and Capricorn is the lady boss (read, bossy lady – just delegating).

Written by Colin Bedell and Jehan Mansy

Talk about a shift! As if the pendulum from Scorpio swung to Sagittarius by a gust of light beams, we have been catapulted into the holiday season in a blink of an eye. In a flash, from the dark depths of Scorpio into the bright light of Sagittarius’ sunlit horizon. That’s what is symbolically beautiful about the transition between harvest season to winter solstice. We can emerge from the darkness and into the light.

December welcomes us with the last full moon of 2017 on December 3rd, in the Chatty Cathy sign of Gemini. Full moons are a time to release and purge people, thoughts, things, emotions, and situations from our lives that no longer serve our highest purpose. Of course, full moon energy is like putting a magnifying glass on the situation at hand and often times with the complimentary middle finger. The veil between this physical world and the third space is still thin and it’s even thinner around the full moon, since we get to joyously (sarcasm) include Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius to our cosmic dinner party until December 22nd.

With Mercury representing communication and electronics, this last retrograde of the year will be a doozy. Friendly reminder to serve alongside the cosmic shake, Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury. Therefore, it’s best you just don’t speak on December 3rd, as the energy of the Super Cold Full Moon and first day of Mercury Retrograde (sarcasm, again) in Gemini’s opposite sign Sagittarius. Jokes aside, the main message for this full moon is to speak your truth on the Gemini/Sagittarius ruled Axis of Communication. If there’s been a lingering conversation between you and a loved one or colleague, Sunday’s cosmic shower will help you facilitate the long overdue talk. Remember “communication” has commune within it, so the highest function of this Full Moon is to get a message out and get a message in together.

Shortly after, on December 9th, Warrior Planet Mars joins Scorpio until the end of next January. Over the last month, during our Scorpio investigation, major Truths revealed themselves to you. So, with Mars – ruler of action, confidence, and sexuality – in Scorpio, we will want to act on our newly discovered Truths and do something about it. Alongside Mercury RX, we will have to be careful about moving impulsively. So, be deliberate, controlled, and authentic because Scorpio loves honesty in your motivations and righteous behavior.

Mercury Retrograde usually gets a bad rep. Many of you have been feeling the electronic haywires and communication hiccups during this pre-mercury retrograde shadow already – not unlike the stranded passengers on American Airline flights. This last retrograde of 2017 allows you to focus on what you want to call in for 2018. Set your intention on discovering what blockages have been preventing you from moving forward. What thought patterns, behaviors, or people do you need to shed in order to birth a new elevated version of yourself? The strong influence from the full moon coupled with MR gives us a theatrical cosmic push to really delve deep within. We feel this radiating 5 days before the full moon and sometimes up to two weeks after.

I had a major breakthrough this week regarding a pattern I was karmically bound to and it was stopping major progress in work. Thankfully, through my soul work with a healer, we acknowledged and cleared it. So Mercury RX. Since the soul work has been done, I can enjoy the remainder of the year at peace and in a state of surrender. It’s so important to use astrology in your soul work because it’s a metaphysical system on timing which can help you focus on the present, clear the past, and surrender to the future. Your soul is requiring you to heal even deeper. To elevate above the hurt from the past. Accept and acknowledge the lesson to create a more glorious future.

Of course, be on the lookout for interrupted travel plans, mechanical mishaps, and visitors from the past (ahem, ex’s who should remain in the past) during the 3 week phase. If you feel like you’ve taken 1 step forward and 10 steps back, don’t bust out the nails and hammer. Refrain from nailing your feet to the ground. Stay centered and patient as you ride out the retrograde. The creepers from your past always come back around with an agenda. It’s up to you to decide if you’ve learned from your past and can move forward.

December 18th, which gives y’all exactly 1 month to prepare for my birthday (ahem) blesses us with a new moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a very optimistic sign who illuminates the bright side of things and makes us see the endless possibilities. Sagittarius is about expansion, exploring, innovation, philosophy, wisdom, and experiencing new realms. With the new moon, we will receive a few challenges. For one, it’s near the end of mercury retrograde, so there may be a few obstacles related to travel or communication. Also, two days after, on December 19th, Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn for the next 2.5 years. For those who are now ending your Saturn Return in Sagittarius: Congratulations! You made it. You’re alive. And I guarantee, you’re hell of a lot wiser. When Saturn transits out of one sign, it may have felt like he has taken a lot, but Saturn never leaves you empty handed. He rewards proactive and disciplined work.

Saturn hasn’t been in Capricorn in nearly 30 years. The last transit occurred during the Gulf war, before that the Vietnam War, and lastly during the Great Depression. Not only were these excruciating times for our country, but forced us to face our fear and historical errors as a nation. That’s what Saturn does. Without a doubt, we will experience significant socioeconomic and political tests during the next three years, as Saturn transits in Capricorn until March 2020. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, aging, maturity, and limitation. Since it’s transiting in it’s own sign of Capricorn, this will be a huge evolution for your soul. I’ve noticed the shift already in the people I’ve counseled over the last few weeks. Saturn in Capricorn will ask us to get real with ourselves and simply – grow up. Take accountability and exit the blame train. Over the next three years, possibilities to amass great wealth is on the horizon, but with limitations. History tells us, during the Great Depression Saturn in Capricorn era, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

So, we will be called to answer this crisis of our times with the aforementioned historical perspective. On December 21st, Capricorn Season begins and the energy commences on radical discipline, responsibility, and integrity. Pay close attention to the month ahead and avoid staying stuck in your self-hatred. Rather, use these moments of growth to know where you can be the person you’re capable of being. And then do it. No excuses.

For those who follow mystical astrology, Sagittarius is ruled by planet Jupiter. Jupiter is ruled by Prophet Moses. If you follow the Islamic faith, I suggest reading the following chapters and verses from the Quran to utilize the powerful energy of Sagittarius: Chapter 37, Chapter 41, verse 39:22, verses 66:8, verses 96:1-5 and verses 27:67-82.

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December Astrology: New Awakening -

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