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Dear Olive: Where Is The Love? And why is it selective?

Dear Olive: Where Is The Love? -

“People killin’, people dyin’

Children hurt can you hear them cryin’?  

Can you practice what you preach?

And would you turn the other cheek?”

Where is the love? And why is it selective?

The horrific terror attacks that happened in France on November 13, 2015 and in Belgium yesterday, March 22, 2016, killing 130 people and 30 people, respectively, and wounding hundreds are disgusting, cruel atrocities.

And it is wonderful that Facebook employed safety check-ins during those times, that Facebook status changes and Twitter hashtags were prevalent, that world leaders raced to come out and condemn the atrocities and pledge their support for France and Belgium, that those country flags were raised on Downing Street in London and building structures like the Eiffel tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York City lit up and illuminated in solidarity.

But where was the love for Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Turkey when they faced similarly horrific terror attacks in recent months? And Egypt, Syria, Mali and Tunisia?

Just a few days before the Paris attacks, 55 people were killed and hundreds were injured by ISIS in Beirut, Lebanon; and those numbers would have been significantly higher but for a courageous father that acted in the moment and sacrificed himself to prevent another bomb from detonating.  So far in 2016, at least 28 people were killed by ISIS in terror attacks in Yemen, and we cannot forget the disastrous terror attacks that occur regularly in Iraq. And what about in Ankara, Turkey, where just last week, three died and 36 were injured when an ISIS suicide bomber killed himself in the city’s historic center of tourism; in February, 28 died and 60 were injured and two attacks in January left 18 dead and 53 injured. In 2015, a series of attacks left 141 dead and 910 injured.

Where were the Facebook safety check-ins? Where were the Facebook status changes and Twitter tweets? Where were the condemnations and vows to assist and support from world leaders? Where were the flags raised and building illuminations for Beirut and Ankara?

Why do we remain mute and indifferent in some instances of terror and not in others? Why do we have a collective response of sympathy and solidarity for some countries targeted by terrorism and not others? Why do we grieve and mourn the lives lost from terrorism for some people and not others?
Why do we value some innocent lives more than others?

Each and every innocent life taken by terrorism matters.

Acts of terrorism are tragic, sickening and terrible no matter the race, religion or ethnicity of the victim or what part of the world they are happening. Each and every innocent life taken by terrorism matters. Or at least is should.

Consider your humanity.
And ask yourself, where is the love?

Curiously Yours,


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Dear Olive: Where Is The Love? -

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