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Dear Olive: Help, Married Life is Boring

Dear Olive: Help, Married Life is Boring -
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Dear Olive,

So I’ve been married for about six months now and while I’m so very happy to be with my husband I also find that I’m so very bored. It’s like once the honeymoon ended all the excitement and fun of being together was left in the honeymoon suite. I thought being a newlywed was going to be so much different than it is. Am I missing something? Is there more that I should be doing to keep that flame going or is my marriage just going to be all about eating dinner in front of our TV?

Please help,
Bored Bride


Dear Bored Bride,

Welcome to married life!

Just kidding 🙂 those flames of excitement never have to burn out so long as you keep fanning the fire. It’s up to the both of you to keep the fun alive in your marriage. Just because you and your husband are now married doesn’t mean that you have to stop “dating.” Now, you just forever date each other.

My advice, plan special things for the two of you to do. Have something to always look forward to, together. It could be once a week. It could be once a month. Whether that be going to a concert, getting a mani pedi (yes, guys love these too), taking a short day trip to the beach or to the city – plan special dates for each other so that you’re always doing things that are fun. And take turns – one date night you plan, the next he plans. It doesn’t even have to be an “outing” – plan to cook a special dinner together at home. It just has to be something special that the two of you experience with each other.

Marriages “die” of boredom when neither partner puts in effort to keep it exciting. So – ladies AND gentlemen – put in that extra effort for the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t you think you both deserve that?

And for the record, eating dinner in front of the TV can be an exciting date night – so long as you’re watching Game of Thrones. 


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Dear Olive: Help, Married Life is Boring -

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