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Up Close and Personal with Our Writers: Reham Taha More Than a Beauty and Food Expert

Up Close and Personal with Our Writers: Reham Taha -
We have a super interesting and unique team here at MMFrom all across the globe, each one of our writers is different than the other and all have relatable stories to share. It’s important to us that our readers understand and get to know these remarkable individuals on a personal level. Our experiences usually lead us to the path we’re venturing and for some of us, writing wasn’t expected or planned. The editors created this series to personify the inspiring storytellers behind the keyboard who have been bravely sharing their lives with all of you! 

MA: What inspired you to join the MM team? 

RT: Joining the MissMuslim team has been a wonderful opportunity. A friend of mine, who also happens to be one of the editors on the team, encouraged me to join. She saw potential in me that I didn’t see and pushed me to get on board and expand my platform in sharing what I love with everyone. I also loved what MissMuslim stands for, giving Muslim women from all different walks of life an opportunity to share their opinions, stories, and passion from their own personal views.  Even though I may not agree with everyone and some of their viewpoints, I still have tremendous respect for them and what they all have to say. To me, this is what it’s all about, respect and tolerance for one another. And I am thankful we have the platform to voice ourselves.

Tell the readers more about your background and how it allows you to decide what topics you’re going to expand on.  

I like to eat good tasting food and I scout for finding and preparing delicious, healthy and ethnic recipes. I also have an even a greater passion for makeup and glam! I use my Instagram page to entertain my circle of friends with delicious and healthy recipes for all to try. I also use my professional makeup experience to share all things beauty related and suggest the hottest beauty trends and products out there for all to enjoy. I took this fun and exciting hobby to the MissMuslim blog and used it to elaborate more on what I love.

Up Close and Personal with Our Writers: Reham Taha -
What led you to the work that you do and how do you want that work to make an impact on the world? 

I am a mother of three beautiful kids. I graduated with a BA in Political Science before I had children and made a decision to stay at home and be a full-time, hands-on stay at home mom as my kids grow up.   This very important decision has been one of the toughest, yet best one I made for me personally and for my family. Being an at-home parent has granted me the opportunity to be available for every need and detail my children require as they are growing up.  I believe this will make a positive impact on their childhood development emotionally, mentally, and physically. It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment knowing I was able to be present for them when they needed me the most. I consider myself lucky to have been granted staying home as an option as I’m very aware that it isn’t always an option for many women out there working so hard to financially support their families. As my children are growing more independent of me, I am exploring different career options and currently searching for new avenues where I can perhaps open up a new chapter in life.

…Always take another sister by the hand as you rise up in your success…

What motivates you to be open about your personal experiences? Do you find it challenging at times to tell your stories publicly? 

I do my best to keep things light, fun and informative. I use my space to share posts on makeup trends and many delicious recipes. I try to keep my personal life personal until I feel comfortable enough or feel there is a need to dig deeper. So far, I wrote one post that I poured my heart and soul into. I shared the story about my Palestinian heritage and my family’s struggles as refugees. It was an emotionally charged piece that was filled with so much buried sorrow and passion, but I was absolutely glad to have shared it. It allowed me to unload some of the emotions I kept inside. It was such a therapeutic experience and one that will probably be a reason to allow me to open up more in the future.

What are your ultimate goals in your professional (or personal) life and as a writer?

Prior to MissMuslim, I had no professional experience as a writer. I must say I felt so intimidated to join this incredibly talented team of writers.  I took on this experience with a personal goal to challenge myself and improve my writing skills all while discovering more about my own passions along the way.

Up Close and Personal with Our Writers: Reham Taha -
Do you have advice for [women] entrepreneurs or women, in general, trying to make a change?

My advice to every woman out there is to believe in your inner will and strength. Do not allow fear to conquer and impact your decisions in life, no matter what and who stands in the way.  And finally, to always take another sister by the hand as you rise up in your success because one strong woman is amazing, but a group of strong women together are unstoppable.

Tell us something unique about yourself that not many people may know.  

Something unique about myself is the fact that I love to sing, and I’m actually pretty good at it!  People close in my life know this was my one and only hobby and a big part of my life growing up.  I do sing regularly to myself when I am alone or just around my kids, and find it to be very therapeutic and fun! My kids are my biggest fans and since they are present by default, they have no choice but to hear their mother hit those notes!

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