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Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples

Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples -

Keeping up with trends can be difficult and expensive. Most people like to dress nice while sticking to their budget and with as little effort as possible. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t really care to follow every single trend that comes and goes with each season, then a minimalist wardrobe might be best for you. Building a simple yet chic wardrobe is easy and only involves a few basic pieces that you can rearrange in a variety of ways to make stylish outfits. To start building that wardrobe, you want to begin with classic closet staples that you can wear for work, night, or weekend looks.


Jeans. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of jeans. To start, I would personally recommend getting three pairs of jeans, light washed, medium washed (blue jeans), and a pair of dark jeans. These are essential to everyday and can be dressed down or up depending on the occasion.

Trousers. Black trousers are definitely necessary for classic work wear. You can also wear them to school and weekend functions where jeans just don’t cut it. And if you find a pair of trousers that comes in multiple colors – snag them! After all, you don’t want to wear out the same pair of perfect black trousers by wearing them for every occasion.

Joggers. I’m a college girl, so for those lazy days when jeans and trousers are too much and I just can’t commit to form-fitting attire, a pair of comfortable jogging pants are necessary.

Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples -


A collared white shirt. This can be long or short sleeve, depending on your preference. White, collared shirts give a neat and clean look and they make the outfit look like you put way more effort into it than you actually did. Don’t feel limited to just basic black and white colored shirts. Beige, nude, and even a pinstriped collared shirt can spice up any basic outfit.

A knit sweater. Having a chic and comfortable sweater or cardigan is a closet-must, especially if you live in a cold climate. The crinkles and knit pattern in the sweater add something a little extra to a basic outfit. They can also be paired well with a blouse or dress for those who like to layer outfits.

A crew neck or hoodie. For a lazy day, running errands, or when you’re rushing to school, you want something comfortable to throw on. A crew neck sweater is the best option for any of those days. I prefer a brand sweater like the ones by Champion or Adidas. The logos and symbols on the sweaters add a vintage touch while keeping your lazy day fashionable.

Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples -


A jean jacket can add a vintage or edgy vibe to any basic outfit. You can take a simple jean and tee duo to the next level by adding some funk with a vintage denim jean jacket.

Trench coat. A black or beige trench coat is the epitome of a classic piece.  The buttons and belt on the coat give you a dressed up look and the benefit of a long coat is that no one really knows what shirt you’re wearing underneath, which totally allows for multiple wears throughout the week. And it will always be in style, so when you find the perfect one for you, invest in it as it will be with you for a long time.

Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples -

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Build Your Wardrobe with Basic Closet Staples -

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