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Bronze and Shine: Sunless Tanning Tips! Who says hijabis have to have horrible tan lines?

Bronze and Shine: Sunless Tanning Tips! -

It’s almost that time of year! Summer is around the corner and it’s time to let your hair down, hit the beach and tan your heart out in your favorite bikini that you’ve been waiting to wear all winter long! Who doesn’t love to have that sun kissed glow on their skin?

While this scenario may be the perfect one to some women, it doesn’t go down exactly like that for some Muslim women. I personally spend all winter long waiting for gorgeous weather and to soak up the the hot summer sun. But in reality, I have instead experienced that unwanted “hijabi” tan lines around our my wrists, ankles and hairline.

Luckily I came across a few solutions to kiss those unwanted tan lines way and give me the sun kissed skin I crave all year long. I am sharing a simple list of beauty must haves that I personally use all year long and especially love in the summer. I am sharing some tips on easy and low cost alternatives to sun kissed skin without resorting to the sun, expensive tanning sprays or even worse, a tanning bed.

My two go to tanning products that I trust are:

Tan Towel leaves no streaks behind and are super fast and easy to apply. I highly recommend everyone to give them a try. Each application lasts for few days and daily application aids in personalizing and building up the right tan tone that best suits you.

Jergens Natural Glow products come as  creams, foam or mousse-like  moisturizers. Daily application allows for the skin to maintain moisture all year long and it builds a beautiful customized tan for your skin depending on how often you apply it. Personally, I go for the foaming application because it doesn’t have a strong smell and it applies and dries quicker than the moisturizer cream which speeds up the entire process.

I personally love being able to have a natural and safe way to have beautiful glowing skin while at the same time staying on a budget! Many of my girlfriends notice when I am tanned while using these products and would comment on how beautiful and natural my skin looks. They obviously know I am not outside tanning or just coming back from an exotic island. I’ve shared these two secrets with them and once they try one or both of the products, they are so happy with the results.

There you have it ladies! Two of my two favorite products to achieve that beautiful tanned skin which worked best for me and others. Give them a try and see what works best for you.

Two things to remember:

  • Avoid exfoliating while you are using these products as it may be hard to build up the skin tone you are trying to achieve.
  • Always check labels and ingredients with any products you use, especially if it’s for the first time to avoid any allergic reactions to your skin.

And finally, as amazing as the sun may feel on our skin it also has some pretty damaging effects such as premature aging and skin diseases. Make sure if you do opt to tan the old fashion way to use a significant amount of SPF lotion to protect yourself from the bad sun rays on your face and body.

Bronze and Shine: Sunless Tanning Tips! -

As always, be kind to your body and stay beautiful from inside out! ❤️

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Bronze and Shine: Sunless Tanning Tips! -

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