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Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear An interview with the designer behind LYRA Swim

Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear -

Ever found yourself struggling to piece together something to wear to the beach or pool party? #HijabiProblems. Well, Ikram and her team at LYRA Swimwear have you covered, literally.

Tell us a little bit about the name. Why did you choose that in particular?

We decided on the name LYRA for our modest swimwear brand. The aim was to have something neutral, as we wanted to keep the brand inclusive, hence the neutrality of our name. Our brand name was inspired by LYRA which is the name of a northern summer star constellation. Although it is one of the smallest, it contains one of the brightest stars.

We liked that this spoke to our brand philosophy: minimalist, classic styles with intricate detailing and highest design quality.

What was the drive behind you choosing this modest swimsuit line to launch?

The motivation for our LYRA, modest swimwear launch came primarily from my own personal struggle and challenge of finding modest swimwear that was both practical and stylish.

Read more on the ‘LYRA story’ on our About us page.

How big is your team and what does everyone do?

As a start up, our team is currently fairly small, although we work with a lot of freelance contributors.

Tell us more about some of the bathing suits and styles. What’s best for who?

We currently offer 3 styles, in 3 colors each:

  • The SOFIA style is quite versatile and comes in 3 pieces, a trendy surf suit inspired piece. It includes a detachable skirt and is quite fitted which works well for more active women who may want to use their swimsuit for water sports. The swimsuit is well broken up and proportioned, so we have had great feedback from both slim and curvier ladies.

Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear -

  • RAYA is our second swimsuit. This is quite chic, with a drape detailing, inspired by 1940’s swim style. It has a high neck coverage and comes with swim leggings, offering a little more coverage.

Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear -

  • Lastly our ASRA swimsuit, which is Moroccan kaftan inspired, offers a fairly loose fit. This is suitable for women who would like a little more coverage and length.

Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear -

All of our swimsuits come with optional matching swim turbans.

Do you plan to expand the line in the future?

We will soon be releasing a new color for our popular SOFIA range, which is our first addition since our launch. We are also currently working on new designs, along with plans of extending to a modest active wear line, so stay tuned.

What do you want to share with other Muslim women thinking of launching a product or line?

Market Research is key. Find out about your market. What distinguishes your product from what is already on offer? Never compromise on quality and always stick with ethical production. Lastly, believe in yourself and go forth with confidence, particularly in the face of inevitable challenges you will meet along the way.

What is your favourite thing about being a Muslim business owner? What is the biggest challenge?

From a design perspective, the most challenging aspect has also been the most rewarding. Working to design modest swimsuits naturally comes with restraints in terms of lengths, fit and so on. It has been exploring the ways in which we could work within these boundaries which allowed us to be more creative with designing cuts and detailing to make our swimsuits both practical and stylish, without compromising on the modesty element.

Anything else you want to add?!

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Breakthrough Stylish and Modest Swimwear -

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