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Bidding Adieu to a Passion Project Coming to the decision to leave MonAmour Collection

Bidding Adieu to a Passion Project -

Written by Mona Sharif

I love designing and making jewelry. I enjoy using my hands and crafting new styles. I found so much joy and peace in putting together heartfelt pieces. It was a magical experience for me. I cannot believe how large and influential of a business MonAmour Collection became all from early beginnings at my kitchen table and my fashion explorations through the Los Angeles Fashion District. Suddenly, my pieces were worn by women all over the world — from Indiana to Indonesia. I never thought it would expand as much as it did. It was no longer my weekend hobby. Things grew, and I was happy and so thankful.

Bidding Adieu to a Passion Project -

As I grew into new passions and into a flourishing career, my interests naturally began to shift. As I grew into a director position at a marketing firm and my family grew from two to three to four, my passions, career, and business began to vary wildly. It was not possible to innovate and create new styles while diving into a career field I love. The late nights I spent looking through stones and sketching new looks were dwindling. My customers were loyal and craved new styles, something I didn’t have the time to give them. I chose to drive the bleeding edge of a career instead of the cutting edge of fashion jewelry. Sometimes, if you don’t have the courage to close a chapter in your life, you won’t become who you were meant to be, or accomplish other talents your abilities can afford you.

The decision was made over long nights and lots of deliberation. What I did know was that I wanted the business to go off into the hands of someone who loved it, would nourish it, and keep it going. Knowing that MonAmour Collection will live under a new creative directive has actually excited me more than I thought.

“…If you don’t have the courage to close a chapter in your life, you won’t become who you were meant to be…”

Many people don’t see the decision making and sacrifices that go into a business via social media. What we see is curated content, a perfectly wrapped present on your feed every day. What you won’t see is what it takes behind the scenes, the multiple takes and drafts, editing and review, analysis and feedback. I am sure many of you know what it takes to post a selfie or a beautiful moment or an advertisement.

Currently, I’m the director of a social media team for a marketing firm in the medical space. While working in digital marketing for over four years, I’ve been exposed to things and learned new things that are a large part of who I am today. It was a long and hard decision, but I decided to use my platform to talk more about where I am right now – how the internet has affected our daily lives, what my daily life looks like, what my future projects will be, and no longer about jewelry. My jewelry will be handed over to the new and capable hands of a successor who will continue to bring you the styles you’ve come to know and love from Monamour Collection. I hope those of you who have joined me on my new journey for this long will continue to engage with my new content and endeavors in the future.

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Bidding Adieu to a Passion Project -

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