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April Showers Bring Better Hair – MM Must of the Month

April Showers Bring Better Hair - MM Must of the Month -

Do you know why I love the month of May most out of all the months of the year? Because May is the month that Audrey Hepburn was born. It’s also the month my father, my partner, 2 of my cousins, my nephew, my fellow co-founder Nihal, and I were born! So May is a pretty busy month for me.

But thanks to a certain product I was using all of April, I’m going to look fabulous at all of the 700 birthday parties I’ll be attending.

Blousey is a banana based moisturizing shampoo made by none other than LUSH Cosmetics, also know as my favorite ridiculously expensive place to shop. While I have tried several different shampoos from LUSH before, I hadn’t found anything that really helped me in my effort to maintain my natural hair.

Let’s get into a little hair history. My hair can be classified as type 2B, which is mostly wavy with properly formed curls running towards the ends. It’s also poofy (a technical term I like to use) whenever it rains or I run a brush through it. Because I spent years conforming to the idea that straight hair meant you were pretty, I have a ridiculous amount of heat damage. This heat damage completely destroyed my curl pattern and left my hair dull and limp.

Some years ago, I decided it was time to roll with the natural hair movement and I tried damn near everything to restore my curl pattern. I didn’t touch a flat iron for months, I cut off as much damage as possible, I reduced my dye jobs to one per year, I drank water, I did hair masks, I think at some point I actually prayed on it. Nothing was working. Eventually, I discovered LUSH and went through their collection of bar shampoos. They helped but my hair still wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

A month and a half ago, a LUSH salesperson recommended I try Blousey. The label reads as follows:

A gentle non-stripping shampoo for bottle blonds, afro queens, natural hair, damaged, and all that’s in between. This one’s self preserving and chock-full of moisturizing bananas and butters. 

While I’ve never been an afro queen I’ve certainly been a bottle blond one too many times so this just seemed right for me. Now, although I LOVE this shampoo I will say that the biggest down side is the smell. I can’t quite put my finger on the whole smell but there is a hint of rotten bananas that just isn’t my style. Luckily the smell of my conditioner covers that right up.

April Showers Bring Better Hair - MM Must of the Month -

Blousey lathers up like a regular shampoo that uses sulfates to create lather and my wallet is thankful that it doesn’t take much product to get a decent lather. After a wash my hair still feels a tad brittle to the touch but I noticed after a few uses that my locks were retaining more moisture as opposed to drying out into frizz strands immediately. After only three washes my curl pattern was not only restored it looked better than before! My curls were springy, my hair was soft to the touch, and it wasn’t weighed down by excess product. Literally now all I use to set my hair for the week is Blousey and a conditioner that is also from LUSH.

While this is amazing for curly hair (even my mom started using it), there are three setbacks that I will mention. The first is the smell, again, which is not great but has not stopped me from using the product at all. The second, is that Blousey does not do much to add shine to the hair. If you’re looking for both shine and moisture it might be a hard find depending on your hair type. The third setback is, of course, the price. An 8.4oz pot of Blousey is $27. I don’t know what your budget looks like but this is considered expensive in my world. Am I still going to buy another pot? Fuck yes. I just wrote a whole article about a shampoo, obviously I’m hooked. Paying that much money for shampoo is a little easier when I remind myself that my hair is more important than my expensive coffee habit.

If you give Blousey a try, let us know how much you loved it or loathed it in the comments below. Or if you have a favorite, share it with me and it just might become our next Must of the Month. xoxo

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April Showers Bring Better Hair - MM Must of the Month -

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