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American Extremists: This Year’s Republican Party Donald Trump is creeping sharia.

American Extremists: This Year's Republican Party -

This election year has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride with more twists and turns than Medusa and like a roller coaster, it’s left me with that sucker punch feeling in my stomach that comes during a sharp drop down. The only difference is that on a roller coaster, I actually enjoy that feeling. But when it comes from the thought that a narcissistic bully might be leader of the United States and free world with access to nuclear codes – pure terror.

I believe everyone’s views should be respected, tolerated, and listened to — don’t get me wrong. But as someone with a conscience, I cannot for the life of me understand why people would still vote for a nominee that has made a complete mockery of the values of the Republican Party. While I’m sure the originally conservative platform was founded upon legitimate, familial, Judeo-Christian American values – the fact that Donald Trump is the actual face of the entire party demonstrates that a serious hijacking has taken place and this time not by a Muslim. Donald Trump is creeping sharia. I never thought I’d say this but #IMissJebBush.

The more that I stop and think about it, the more it astounds me how similar the CURRENT  American political right is to the very group of people it fears so much (Muslims) (scratch that, it’s really anyone that looks like they might be Middle Eastern). At this year’s Republican National Convention, one of the most central themes was hatred of Muslims and their gosh darn pesky Shariah Law and never ending quest to take over our wholesome American values and freedoms, but when you stop and read their platform, it’s easy to confuse them for a more conservative, traditional Muslim country. Also before I continue let’s be honest with ourselves. There are over 1 billion Muslims on this planet, if we wanted to take over America then it would have already happened. Like, years ago. The sad part is that some members of the Republican party are starting to become just as ideologically extreme as the countries they hate (i.e., Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq etc.).

Donald Trump is creeping sharia.

For example, while my conservative rightist counterparts fear a takeover of sharia law, they simultaneously have no issues with their very own Christian version of law in America. Sharia law, put simply, is law based on religious (in this case, Islamic) scripture and guidelines. If our laws must now conform to “God’s Law” under the Judeo-Christian value system are we not swapping out one kind of sharia for another? Why are right wing conservatives alright with this? Sharia, by any other name, would still smell as theocracy.

The Republican Party writes proudly in their 2016 platform that they “support  the  public  display  of  the  Ten  Commandments as a reflection of our history and our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage,” which is all well and good — our first amendment absolutely guarantees us freedom to practice religion… But it also prohibits us from marrying church and state together. We are intended to be a secular government. And in case we all missed the memo, America does not have an official national religion. We’re not England in the 1600’s for Christ’s sake.  

Furthermore, the 2016 Republican Party platform is extremely concerned with what transpires in a couple’s bedroom and what goes on with a woman’s reproductive system. They oppose transgender men and women using the bathrooms that correlate to the gender they identify with, are vehemently against a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body and believe that “the foundation of civil society, and the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the  union  of  one  man  and  one  woman.” They falsely claim that a nuclear family with a heterosexual mother and father is better for the child while countless studies and endless research have concluded that as long as the parents or caregivers — transgender, straight, gay, purple, single — provide the child with the love, support and nurturing it needs to grow, the child will be just fine. Clearly, these oppositions have nothing to do with science and research but all to do with religion. Just like in Muslim countries where they believe the LGBTQ community is haram (forbidden) and shouldn’t have rights. I mean, according to Mike Pence – our potential future Vice President businesses should be allowed to discriminate against queer men and women.

Something else that the current conservative platform and traditional, barely secular Muslim countries in the Middle East have in common is the fact that both are so separatist. Instead of embracing a nonjudgmental, inclusive philosophy on life and towards people who do not preach, pray, or practice like they do,  they seek to impose their way of life on others. Which neither adheres to the philosophy of “live and let live,” nor adheres to the loving, compassionate, nonjudgmental way of life of the Prophets that came before them, namely Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Them).

I have a tremendous love for this country and for the ideals that I believe it truly represents. But if Donald Trump and the Republican Party with their xenophobic, transphobic, and homophobic values and agendas take over, we truly will be living in the Middle East of North America.

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American Extremists: This Year's Republican Party -

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