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Alchemy & Astrology: Unlocking the Benefits of Surah Waqiah

Alchemy & Astrology: Unlocking the Benefits of Surah Waqiah -

Money is simply, energy. It is the way in which money is used that determines whether or not it carries positive or negative energy. If you acquire it through means that benefit people, whether by shifting their consciousness, or through serving them or by honoring others, and putting attention and consciousness into what you do; you are making a contribution to humanity. When you use money in ways that serve your higher purpose and bring others along with yourself joy, you are creating money of light. The more money is made and spent with integrity and light, then the more it becomes a force of light for everyone.

Months ago we talked about the law of attraction but in general terms. Further, we understand the power of intention coupled with the power of prayer. Let’s delve deeper into this topic by learning how to cultivate abundance.

We are creators by nature.

Consequently, be mindful of what your thoughts and your words create. The Scripture gives us the code to begin manifestation by two simple words, I AM. When Moses (PBUH) approached the burning bush and asked the presence to reveal himself, what were God’s first words?

“Moses, surely I AM God, Lord of the words.” – Quran, 28:30.

We are still uncovering the creative power behind the words [I AM] present day regardless of the fact it was revealed to us centuries ago. The mere utterance of I AM connects you consciously to The Source and illuminates the creative process of manifestation.

Any limitations you are currently experiencing are a result of your awareness. Unless, of course you are on the receiving end of envy, living through a curse or caught up in a toxic environment that lowers your vibration, making you insusceptible to abundance. Creation begins at the subconscious level. Although you may not have the capacity from a physical perspective to see or feel this unseen realm, nonetheless the Universe is always in the process of responding to what you are projecting to be created. Creation never rests. It is constant, unfailing, and unwavering.

You need to become conscious of the statement, which follow the declaration; I AM, in your daily mindfulness so you will begin to see the interconnectedness between those words and circumstances unfolding.

I AM abundant.

I AM a magnet for miracles.

I AM prosperous.

Since the words we speak, which are predominantly influenced by our thoughts and belief patters, project energy what can we start doing to increase the flow of abundance? Chapter (Surah) Waqiah is a hidden gem for prosperity. In fact, the idea of law of growth can be identified in the following verse (ayah): “Have you seen that which you emit? Do you create it or are We the creator?” – Quran, 56:58-59.

Throughout the chapter, God encourages us to harness our creative power to manifest by classifying two additional adjectives, “We the fosterer” (56:64) and “We the grower” (56:72). In order to align yourself to the energies of these ordained attributes and match the vibrational frequencies, recite these verses the number of letters it contains.

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) referred to Surah Waqiah as the Surah of Wealth. Further he said, “Whoever recites Surah Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty” (Hadith).


I advise to conduct abundance and prosperity work on Thursday as that day is ruled by planet Jupiter and consequently by Prophet Adam (PBUH). Saturday is a second favorable day as it is ruled by planet Saturn and Prophet Moses (PBUH). The cosmos affect our ability to make money and the most significant planets are Jupiter and Saturn. For added strength, recite Prophet Adam’s and Prophet Moses supplication(s) on the corresponding day in addition to offering your gratitude beforehand.

The power of I AM is synchronized with the power of the God/the Universe. Therefore this force is limitless. Do you have limitations in regards to attracting abundance? Sit with yourself in meditation or prayer to get to the root of the cause. I suggest starting this practice with the intention of having the blockage revealed. Chant the following attributes on the prayer beads, “Ya-Fattah” (The opener) suggested amount of times, 489. Secondly chant, “Ya batin” (The hidden), suggested amount of times, 62. We are faced with challenges and unfortunately the same obstacle will repeat itself until we learn the lesson and move forward.


Dhikr tips: Ya-Wahhab (The bestower) 14 times; Ya-Wasi (the all embracing) 137 times and Ya dhul jalal wal ikram (The Lord of majesty and bounty) 99 times.

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Alchemy & Astrology: Unlocking the Benefits of Surah Waqiah -

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