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Alchemy & Astrology: Restoring your Soul During Venus Retrograde

Alchemy & Astrology: Restoring your Soul During Venus Retrograde -

Growing up my favorite story my father read for me was that of Prophet Joseph. Who doesn’t like a good drama? There was scandal, suspense and it mostly took place in my parents’ home country, Egypt. Surely as I matured and studied the themes of his story, my admiration evolved. Woven throughout the story are dynamics of love and how it conquers jealousy, pride and passion.

The chapter of Joseph was revealed to give Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) hope, which is why it was exposed during the ‘Year of Sorrow’. During this year, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) suffered the loss of his beloved wife Khadijah and uncle, Abu Talib. The story of Prophet Joseph is a lesson for those of us who face grief and significant loss. Despite the extraordinary challenges throughout Prophet Joseph’s life, he prevailed victorious in the end.

Prophet Joseph rules over the planet Venus.

After the heavy set of eclipses we experienced in February, we are now in the exciting Venus Retrograde for six weeks, until April 15th. Venus is not just the planet of love but also beauty, relationships and finances. Venus influences how we think about love, how we feel about our needs and desires and the role money has in our life.

Most people are as nervous as Donald Trump is during a 4th grade grammar test because of this period, but I love when Venus goes into retrograde because it is the perfect time to enhance your self love. Therefore take advantage of this transit and restore your soul. Like Prophet Joseph did for his brothers when he granted their request for charity. Originally his brothers sought material gain, in order to appease the hardship that was self-imposing when they forsake Joseph into the well. However, Joseph granted them forgiveness and mercy, which elevated their souls into spiritual restoration.

“He (Joseph) said: (There shall be) no reproof against you this day; God will forgive you, and He is the most Merciful of the merciful” (12:92).

I urge you to use this retrograde period as a time of reflection, forgiveness and patience for things to unfold. Allow yourself the space to heal past wounds and old relationship patterns that do not serve you. Trials of love whether in relationships, friendships or family dynamics will pop up for you to assess what needs healing. Breakups will [unfortunately] happen and flare ups within relationships will erupt to force you to address the problem. Whether an ex comes reeling back or your mind is bombarded with memories from a past relationship, before you allow that person or relationship back into your life, take a moment to reflect on why you’re being pulled to revisit the past.

…I love when Venus goes into retrograde because it is the perfect time to enhance your self love.

Within the first week of VR I had dreams of a recent ex and it had gotten back to me he carried on tell tales about my spirituality. The toxic pattern of the post-breakup gossip is something I have been dealing with when I lived in Orange County. I could easily write it off as, these fools are just ignorant, but I realized I was responsible for the moronic perception because I never addressed nor disclosed the full extent of my spirituality. I assumed my views were understood. Even though I write a spiritual column and I’m fairly open with my beliefs, the ambiguity was left for discussion. The underlying characteristic that needs attention is, acceptance. My lesson with this revelation is the partner I need to attract is someone who fully accepts himself, as he will then be able to accept me.

Remember, you shouldn’t look outside of yourself to find love. Love is a vibration that is already inside of you. Set your frequency *high*.  As you work through these blockages and release the karmic debt, your relationship(s) will be repaired and love will flow. I cannot stress the importance of giving yourself the proper love and attention you need. It’s a time of lessons and clarity. Learn it, heal it and grow from it. To attract love that mirrors your own soul, work on illuminating and purifying your heart. Start with meditating on the attribute, ya-Basir (Seer). Put your intention on wanting to see what you should work on during the next few weeks as Venus retrogrades. Next, meditate on the verse, “Verily in Joseph, and his brethren there are signs for the seekers” (12:7). The Arabic word “saeleen” (ئِلِينَ) refers to seekers of truth, of inner wisdom and knowledge. What is your soul seeking, Divine love or companionship? Second attribute I suggest you meditate on, from Chapter Joseph, ya-Hakeem (The Most Wise). Third, ya-hafiz (The Protector).

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Alchemy & Astrology: Restoring your Soul During Venus Retrograde -

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