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Alchemy & Astrology: Nas, The Quranic Chapter not the Rapper

Alchemy & Astrology: Nas, The Quranic Chapter not the Rapper -

As a child it was easy to memorize the short surahs (prayers) to appease our parents and finish prayer fast so we can make it back to the playground. What’s interesting about these mini prayers are the powerful weight they carry. We talked about the benefits of surah Ikhlas last month. This week, let’s take a look at surah Al-Nas (The Men), given the fact we are in a volatile time with the wave of radical terrorist groups claiming ties to Islam. This chapter is commonly used as protection against the Devil, Jinn and witchcraft. Specifically when coupled along with Surah Falaq and Ikhlas.

The prayer was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he was facing difficulties while under a spell. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s mission continued to spread, opposition grew rapidly. Black magick was used by Labid Bin Asam obtaining a strand of the Prophet’s hair, tying a string into eleven knots and placing the remnants into a well underneath stones, which resulted in the Prophet’s short term illness. Tailsman’s were being made against the Prophet and his companions which further fueled the potency of magick. Additionally, those who were followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were afflicted as well through whispers and possessions by Jinn, to go against God. Two angels appeared to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and informed him of the bewitchment. The reversal was conducted the next day by Ali Ibn Abu Talib by reciting Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas, also referred to as Mu’awwidhatayn المعوذتان (Verses of Refuge), in conjunction with burning the particles.

Thus the Mu’awwidhatayn chapters (Al-Falaq and Al-Nas) were revealed as a cure for the magick done to the Prophet. The two chapters are comprised of eleven verses all together and along with the recitation of each verse, Ali Ibn Abu Talib unknotted the bow. Thereby Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was freed from the black magick.

Whenever you feel you have been afflicted by sihr (magick) or hasad (evil eye), I suggest starting a reversal with Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Al-Nas and Surah Ikhlas, recite each 100 times after Isha Prayer. Dua ruqayah contains these surahs, along with several other powerful Quranic incantations and should also be administered during a reversal. Seek a trusted Sheikh, Imam, Hafiz or Spiritual Practitioner who can facilitate this dua for you. What better month than the blessed Ramadan, to start incorporating this into your spiritual practice?

“Whenever Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became sick, he would recite Mu’awwidhatayn and then blow his breath over his body.”

This prayer contains three Divine attributes – Rabbi An-Nas, Malik An-Nas and Ilah An-Nas. This is the last chapter of the Quran and it reiterates the message of the first chapter, Al-Fatiha (The Opening).

1. Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind.

Lord of mankind is, God, and the meaning of Lord is He (God) is the Creator, Owner, and The One Who regulates all affairs. By taking refuge in God, you are submitting to Him, as your “Malik”…

2. The King of mankind.

Malik is, King. One of the 99 names of God. He holds control over man, from physical and metaphysical laws.

3. The God of mankind.

Arabic word, Ilah إله means God. Therefore His Oneness is reaffirmed.

4. From the evil of the whisperer who withdraws.

We are commanded to seek refuge in Him from the whispering of the whisperer.

5. Who whispers in the hearts of man.

6. From among jinn and men.

Temptation and evil whispering doesn’t just relate to the Devil. We see the widespread of whispering from a group of people (i.e. Daesh, KKK) that spread evil and cause mischief. These groups of terror represent the injustice under the guise of justice; distortion of truth and aberration in the appearance of guidance.

Similar to the first chapter of the Quran, the Divine purpose is reiterated in the last chapter. To bring mankind to perfection. Nothing in this world can disrupt this purpose as God ultimately holds control over all.

Dhikr tip: Chant, Al-Malik 90 times to achieve abundance.

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Alchemy & Astrology: Nas, The Quranic Chapter not the Rapper -

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