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Alchemy and Astrology: June’s Cosmic Shower

Alchemy and Astrology: June's Cosmic Shower -

You felt that, right? You’ve been feeling that, right? The shape shifting cosmic shower throughout June- duh. We had a major shift with the Summer Solstice, Eid and a new moon in Cancer on June 23rd. The energy we are collectively vibrating at now is preparing us for what’s to come for eclipse season in August. June started off with a full moon in Jupiter, a planet that Prophet Moses represents and rules abundance. For many, you may have seen a growth spurt in business, new career opportunity, promotion or a wave of positive movement in prosperity. Neptune is now in retrograde so all of our buried emotions are bubbling up to the surface. When a planet is in retrograde, it’s flipping a switch to shake us. On the bright side, Neptune is a dreamy planet that represents our faith, spirituality and fantasy. It rules over dreams, imagination, creativity, and Divinity. It is our connection to the Source. It is magical and etheric. On the dark side, however, Neptune also houses delusions, deceptions and our shadow side. Understandably when Neptune is backwards, in retrograde, it can feel like the ‘ice bucket challenge’ that was so 2014, came back with a vengeance.

Transiting Neptune strips away your illusions, shatters your rose-colored glasses to expose the reality you have escaped. My last installment on my Plaid to Prada column is a testament to my Neptune-induced epiphany about Mr. Perfect and love in general. This transit is especially difficult for those who have not done their spiritual work and are resisting the flow of the Universe. Because the further from reality you are, the more raucous the 160 days of this retrograde are going to be.

…All of our buried emotions are bubbling up to the surface

Be cognizant of what triggers a painful memory. Emotional pain is your doorway into an energetic wound. The trigger is your flag that something needs attention. Your esoteric evolution starts when you consciously break the circle of toxicity.

People who vibrate at the low level of victimization, slander, and false accusations will have the most difficulty. It would be beneficial to get to the root of these persona’s that pushed you behind the veil of illusion. Individuals suffering exhibit symptoms such as social anxiety, depression, withdrawal, loneliness and self-pity.

This has already come to light just in my local community and it’s crazy how it all unfolded during the Divine cosmic timing. Over a decade, an individual has created another reality in her own victimization so deep, she’s not only drowning in another dimension but the curtain has fallen and all her scheming has been exposed.

Final advice to get through the Neptune retrograde, and life in general:

Don’t disrespect the healer.

Don’t abuse the High Priest/Priestess.

Don’t dishonor the Spiritualist.

Because they can and will react, justifiably.

“Surely, in the creation of the heavens and the earth are signs for those gifted with understanding hearts” (3:190).

The Universe isn’t letting all of us, especially the spiritually woke, suffer as we were blessed with a new moon on June 23rd in Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. As we know from Ibn Arabi, each planet relates to a Divine attribute and the Moon correlates to the Divine name, al-mubin (The Evident). Further, the Prophet who governs the Moon is, Adam.

A new moon is a new beginning that ushers in a fresh wave of energy. Since this is a powerful new moon, we’ll feel the effects for up to two weeks. With every new moon is an invitation to set goals that honor your authentic self. What do you want to manifest during this transit? Since Cancer usually represents “the womb”, what do you want to birth in the realm of your emotional space, family and relationships?

The planet of the mind and communication, Mercury, entered Cancer a few days before the New Moon. Therefore, the next few weeks will be a period of communicating with the feels. You’ll notice, you’ll be more emotionally considerate in the way you communicate. Except when Mercury makes a conjunction with Mars on June 28th. Possibly, we may be more mentally hyper and can also be susceptible to irritability and aggressive communication. Since our minds can be more impulsive, I urge you to be cautious. It’s probably not a good idea to call the ex and regurgitate all your unspoken words, on that day.

Working with Prophet Adam’s energy during Cancer season is highly encouraged. Prophet Adam’s prayer, “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers” (7:23).

Suggested dhikr tip, Al-Musawwir (The Fashioner).


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Alchemy and Astrology: June's Cosmic Shower -

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