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Alchemy & Astrology: Humanist Revolution

Alchemy & Astrology: Humanist Revolution -

I intended on writing this week’s Alchemy and Astrology column on the Moses Code. Mid way through writing it I became bombarded with texts and calls from friends, as the news of the “Muslim ban” taking effect was underway. One friend cried, “We need a political revolution!” but I disagree. We don’t need any more divisive movements. We need a humanist uprising.

Humanist theory is as old as humanity. With the first millennium in Ancient Egypt, China, India and Greece to the Enlightenment era, humanist thought has undoubtedly evolved our world. According to American Humanist Association humanism is defined as, “a progressive life stance that, without supernaturalism, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead meaningful, ethical lives capable of adding to the greater good of humanity”.

As a Muslim spiritualist I am an advocate for humanist thought. I grew up in a household that valued the love of religion but also was encouraged to use my intellect, ask questions instead of following blind faith, and to strive to better society and myself. My Muslim immigrant parents provided me with the foundation to exercise my religion by valuing humanity and myself.

We need a humanist uprising.

Recent history tells us, you cannot successfully govern a country under a dogmatic umbrella. Moreover as recent as last week, the new administration’s anti-abortion global gag rule proves that not everyone practices what they preach. A political party that affirms they stand for Christian values, advocates and enforces their religious support for pro-life; yet they are the biggest proponent of military intervention. Not only is this ideology a deliberate and unconscious response from institutionalized prejudice; but also proves why we need to encompass a compassionate approach to politics.

I know, I sound like a hippy on acid. Or for some of you, worse, I sound like a liberal.

We are responsible for what we do and what we become. Our destiny is in our own hands. We are creators. We created this current administration. We created the reason why there is a repugnant Islamophobic stench across the globe.

Through the cosmos and everything in between, we are all connected to this world. Thus our well-being and our mere existence depend upon this interconnected-ness. Therefore it only makes sense that in order to move forward, we must honor each other. We need to recognize the wider relatedness with the world and its inhibitors. Because everything is linked, as a humanist, I cannot be concerned with just my own life and the future of humanity without also being concerned about the future of the planet.

With the foundation of love and compassion for society, now is the crucial time to harness your inner power and connect to your higher self in order to strive and become the best you can be. Start with becoming aware of your role in this world.

What do you want to contribute?
Do you value the power of human imagination?
Or creative expression?

Every action has a consequence now and for the future. When we support a dangerous ideology that systematically ban’s immigration to a country, which was founded on colonization, we are perpetrating a cycle of severe radicalization for decades to come. Without a doubt, America’s advancement came from the vast cultures throughout the states.

The past few days I have been paralyzed with fear over the future of our nation. The Executive Orders that have been signed are going to have grave consequences on generations to come. Are we going to look back and consciously ask ourselves, “Did I provide a free and responsible environment for my counterparts?”

I hope my country encourages everyone to know their existence is meaningful. Where people aren’t afraid to peacefully walk the streets of their neighborhood. A country where people aren’t afraid of their neighbors. I want to live in a society that learned from its mistakes and refuses to repeat them. I wish for a more inclusive environment for every American.

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Alchemy & Astrology: Humanist Revolution -

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