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Alchemy & Astrology: Embracing the Divine Feminine

Alchemy & Astrology: Embracing the Divine Feminine -

It might be the dead of Winter, but February will have you warming up with passionate energies of love and light. Given the emotional intensity of January 31st’s Lunar Eclipse in Leo, we will continue to feel the residual moon effects. Eclipses appear in pairs. One down, one to go. Continue to prepare yourself to be resilient in the experiences of closure, release, transition, and making space for the new. Pay deep attention to what has been lurking in the shadow. Secrets will continue to unravel. If you have been doing your soul work, aligning with love and peace rather than fear and blame, you are prepared to face what comes up. Doors will slam shut while windows will be opening to usher in new energy to sustain you. For many, these kinds of revelations could elevate your soul into a higher level of consciousness. Stay present to what themes are called forth this month. They will serve as your guiding light to what the year ahead looks like. The January 31st Blue Moon represented the Divine Feminine Energy and our heightened intuition. What are you doing to tap into your Divine Feminine? As we moved out of Capricorn season that had us focusing on our self, our own protection and in some cases, survival, Aquarius season wants us to broaden our lens and look at our impact collectively.

How can we make a bigger impact on the world?

How can we effectuate change for the greater good?

Of course, we cannot send out what we don’t hold within. If you want to send out love, you have to vibrate at that frequency, yourself. In the beginning of the month, Mars moves into Scorpio, so be ready for the emotional intensity that carries. This month is about reconnecting with our humanity and living from our heart space. With Valentine’s Day approaching, while most are exerting their energy towards their significant other, I’m a believer in harnessing radical self-love before sharing space with another in a relationship.

You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete. Let this be your motto as you attune to your inner Divine power. Whether it is your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine; in order to attune to this frequency, commit to accepting, loving, and appreciating yourself first. We were born with both masculine and feminine energies because we are a part of the Divine. Cultural interpretation of spirituality has diminished and, in a few communities, obliterated, the importance of the Divine Feminine.

If we start at looking at the Divine in its entirety, our Creator is One. Both masculine and feminine energies are equally merged therefore our Creator’s essence embodies the archetypes of masculine and feminine. These polar energies are also referred to as yin and yang or the god and goddess. Spirituality allows you to use Scripture as a guidance. My perception and understanding of Islam, pre-patriarchal interpretation, teaches balance of both the masculine and feminine energies of the Creator into a singular source, also known as Tawheed (Oneness of God). Tawheed is like a spiritual ascension. Having strong conviction in the all-encompassing Unity of the Divine elevates your soul to a station of peace. Once you have reached this state of pure internal tranquility, you shed patterns and old thought forms that caged your authentic self. To me, Tawheed is not just about believing in the One Supreme being. Rather, it is about accepting His Oneness in its full manifestation of both His masculine and feminine self. Integrating this truth is vital not just in your own self-love, but also in calling in love. You have to realize the Divines love within, in order to receive it.

One of the most poignant tools in identifying the different energies of His masculine and feminine self, is starting with the 99 names. There are three attributes that are gender feminine and vital to understanding our Lord’s feminine aspect. Rahma (mercy) is His Feminine Divine counterpart. We get so accustomed to calling on His masculine energy, Allah (God) numerous times throughout the day and in doing so, we continually call on His masculine energy. Ibn Arabi once said, “I sometimes employ the feminine pronoun in addressing God, keeping in view the Essence.Rahma is connected to our heart center and is related to the word Raham, which is associated with the womb – source of life.  Therefore, the source of life is Divine Mercy.

“I am Al-Rahman. I created the Raham (womb) and derived a name for it from My name. Hence, whoever keeps it (family ties), I will keep ties to him and whoever servers it, I will sever ties with him.”-Authentic Hadith.

The Divine feminine energy symbolizes Universal themes of creation, life, birth, healing, receptivity, nurturing, compassion, intuition, the moon, and sensuality. Everybody’s genetic, karmic, and cosmic makeup is different. Thus, everybody’s expression of the Divine Feminine is different. My Divine Feminine expression is heightened through my writing and dancing. Whereas, one of my soul sister’s feminine expression lies in gardening. Aligning to a preconceived archetype limits your personal feminine statement. Release the expectations and reclaim your authentic self.

How do you reclaim your Divine Feminine?

1. Tawakkul

Trust in the Divine. Tawakkul comes from the root word, wakalat which means, to be oneself representative. Having self-confidence and self-reliance allows you to acknowledge your own capabilities. Verse to chant and reflect upon to enhance your tawakkul, “Indeed there is for him no authority over those who have believed and rely upon their Lord” (Quran 16:99).

2. Rahman

Compassion, first for yourself and second for others. Start with having compassion by committing to yourself. When we harbor compassion for ourselves, we feel kindness, empathy, and acceptance. Creating a space within you to be free of judgment, self-sabotage, and self-loathing allows you to heal the wounds that imposed those limiting beliefs. Attribute to chant to call in more compassion, “ya-Rahman” 300 times.

3. Purification

The concept of purification is vast, but I’ll try to simplify it for this related topic. A very powerful verse in Scripture to start the process of purification is (33:33). Cleansing your heart through mindfulness (prayer) is crucial followed by giving charity and practicing humility. Additional tips from Scripture to facilitate the process of purification of your heart: Surah Nisa #4 and verses 43-49 and Surah Ash-Shams #91 verses 9-10. For Divine empowerment, recite Surah Nisa #4 verses 15-22.

Additional steps in purification:

  • Embrace yourself in full entirety
  • Accept both your light and your dark side
  • Let go of old thought patterns that do not honor you
  • Remove toxic people from your life – disengage with grace
  • Know your truth and speak with unshakable conviction

The second you connect to your awakened feminine, you will no longer entertain ego driven low vibrations. You will vibrate at a consciousness that invites like-minded souls. Your vision of those who do not match your vibration will be apparent because your eyes were cleansed with authenticity. Nothing is more satisfying than emerging into a state of radical self-love to the point where you do not have to apologize for simply being you.

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